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No Glycerins Anal Lube

by Tama Toys
(appx. 13.27 )
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  • Available on otonaJP since: 2016 Dec 17
  • Volume: 300ml


6 Customer Reviews for No Glycerins Anal Lube

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by Erick March 17, 2019
Long lasting water-based lube

Cute girl on the bottle
Very viscous, gel-like lube but smooth to the touch.
Takes much longer to dry than other lubes I have tried.

I would definitely recommend if price isn't an issue.

by D April 15, 2018
Good anal lube

Thickness is great for anal, lasts a long-ass time. Bottle's cute too!

by Shiki February 14, 2018
Extremely long lasting and smooth

This anal lube lasts for a very long time and does not dry as easily as normal lubricants. I still have over half the bottle because it doesn't take much at all to properly lube something.

Highly recommended!

by kuroneko January 17, 2018
must have this item

the bottle is cute and you only need a few drops to have a awesome perfomance

by James March 20, 2017
Certainly wont be running out any time soon.

This gel is certainly thick and lasting.
Combined with it's decent smooth viscosity it's great and does the job.

by George December 30, 2016
A definite pick up for those who are fed up with lube drying too fast.

Comes out like a very thick gel but its very smooth and does not dry easily. It is VERY VERY slippery and a little goes a long way .

You will not regret this!

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