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Onaho Heating System

Toy Warmer by G Project
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Heating system for Onaholes and masturbators or Love Dolls. Make the Hole feel nice and warm and more realistic. Rechargeable and water proof.

Maker: G Project Release: 2021Product Type: Toy Warmer
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User Reviews

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  • | 11/25/2023

    Better than wired. But buy 2.

    You'll need two if you want to ensure you always have one charged or charging. To use, first you long press the power button until you get a solid blue light. There are two modes. Once you press the button again it will heat for 15 min. Another press and it will be 10 min. The blue LED will be blinking at slightly different speed depending on the mode. The build quality is pretty high. I'm not sure what the Joeb guy is complaining about. This is the best build quality warmer on the market. All aluminum and waterproof. Wired warmers have risk of the cables tearing when accidentally stretched, so these are far more durable. The only downside is the battery life and charging speed, which is why I recommend at least 2.

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  • | 5/14/2023


    I think this is the most expensive onahole heater out there, yet the build quality is bad, for a G project product I wasn't expecting this level of quality.The warner is the most lame (from charging 180 minutes to use) an doesn't even warm the inside enough to feel it. Better buy a type cable tether to the onahole, this battery power, cable less is for sensitive toys, I think it does not heat enough,

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  • | 10/19/2022

    Charge doesn't last long

    Heating is fine. Like what Dolo said, there is an actual trial and error to understand how this works - no English translations. A full charge only works for two to three heating sessions - not ideal.

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  • | 1/26/2022


    after using a bad picture translating app i was finally able to understand how it works ( it's not as simple as on = warm till turn off) it has different modes and all that but to get the these modes its all controlled by one button witch makes it harder to use in my opinion if it was just that it equally heats up and terns on and off after i say it dose id be happy but i think the modes can be use full to so id say only buy this if you are actively trying to learn how to use a good product with all its complicated features (it heats up equally and do docent go above a certain temp if thats all your wondering)

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