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Onasheet Maki

by Magic Eyes
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Product Weight (without the package): approx. 115 Grams
Product Dimensions: approx. 140x140mm


3 Customer Reviews for Onasheet Maki

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by wolf fighter July 30, 2020
almost like an onahole

is better than the previous onasheet(yuka) in my opinion. if you roll that in right, so that its completly arround your dick, its kinda like an onahole too already . it comes close to an onahole but is still a sheet so that is kinda bothersome that it quickly loosens up or kinda unwraps quickly. it got these waves straight going upwards and bumps / dots between that which is a really nice texture from feeling (well the box art says you should hold it that way, so the waves go upwards and not sideways, but you probably can do it either way xD.) was better than i imagined for a simple onasheet, but yeah is only an onasheet but the point about that is they are really fast and easy to clean (also takes less space, but i dont think that matters really) so 6/10

by Ale April 28, 2020
Exelente peça coleção

O brinquedo é bem excêntrico e agradável, com uma temática diferenciada

by turbs September 15, 2018
a little awkward to use, but otherwise pretty good

This toy has an interesting quirk to it that you don't see often with other toys on this website. Rather than the standard tube design, this toy is a sheet with ribbing on one side. This has both an advantage and a downside.
The big advantage this toy has is its ease of maintenance. I found that cleaning the sides of the sheet much easier than I have had with other toys in the past. As such, I'd recommend it to anyone who doesn't want to worry cleaning there toys so much as using them.
However, such a sheet design makes the whole thing awkward to use. Keeping it wrapped around oneself can be a little annoying. Plus, the toy is a bit loud in use.
The material feels much softer than I would've suspected. the toy itself is an somewhat see-through pink. Not only that, the lotion packet provided in the package is actually quite a lot for the toy. In fact, I would recommend using only a little bit of it.
For ten USD, I think this toy is all-around fine for what it is. If you don't wish to spend too long cleaning your toys after use, then this is a good option for you.

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