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Oshiko Pee Lotion

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Available on otonaJP since: 2016 August 25
Volume: 100ml


4 Customer Reviews for Oshiko Pee Lotion

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by Hops December 2, 2018
Just Yellow Lube

As the summary says, this is just yellow lubricant, with a slight shampoo/flower smell that all these lubricants like to have.

If you really want to try a pee smelling lotion, I hear that the one from A-One that comes with one of their onaholes is the one to go for. This one, while fine as a normal lotion, is not what you are most likely looking for.

by Parrot February 8, 2018
Good lube, nothing to do with pee

It is a good lube. Sticky. Feels good and does what it's supposed to do. But it doesn't smell like pee at all. The color in the bottle looks like pee but once it's on you or your toy, you won't remember you bought it for its pee quality. Buy any other good lube and it's not gonna be any different.

by trollolol March 29, 2017
there's diabetes in this pee

the lotion feels great and the colour definitely resembles pee, but the scent is NOTHING like it. it's way too sweet and smells too good. a good comparison would be to the 100ml pee lotion that comes along with nyoukan pee hole onahole. that lotion really has that sour and ammonia smell, although not too pungent. well, considering how much more other 100ml fetish lotion cost, this lotion is actually pretty cheap, so that's good i guess.

by Jcrt January 8, 2017
Strange to think about it but it's pretty good!

So... This was my first "strange" lube that I bought. So let's start by saying it does not smell like real pee, which can be seen negatively but for me it's very good! It's sticky and it can be good for some time. I actually got motivated to buy something strange by an onahole blogger. He wrore some very motivational things about trying out new things and I actually tried it and liked it so see!

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