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Student council president Onahole

Tight Onahole by Toys Heart
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Product Type: Tight Onahole

Super Tight Pocket Pussy

Bury your member deep within a cute girl's sphincter with the Student Council President Onahole by Toys Heart. This male masturbator provides a highly stimulating anal-penetration sensation to your penis with its powerful vacuum effect that will suck you in and milk you dry. With a tight entrance hole and an inner ring that applies a sensual massage along your shaft as you penetrate, this sex toy is the ultimate anal experience. Take this sexy young school council president home and fill her eager butt hole with your length. The box of the Student council president Onahole features lots of sexy artworks and images.

The Student Council President Onahole Sex Toy Features:
  • High-Quality Anal-Penetration Type Male Masturbator
  • Dual-Layer Design
  • Powerful Vacuum Effect
  • Tight & Stimulating Tunnel
  • Complimentary Pack Of Lubricant
  • Weight: 302 Grams
  • Dimensions: 150 x 75 x 130 mm


31 Customer Reviews for Student council president Onahole

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by Mindrum August 29, 2020
Tight Entrance, loose insides

As the cut off banana would show you, the entrance is incredibly tight. But after that, you won't feel all that much. Whilst I do enjoy using it, sometimes the entrance feels too tight, and my dick almost starts to feel like that banana. Would recommend for people with an anal fetish.

by OdaonFan June 4, 2020
Hands down the best Anal simulator I've purchased

I certainly didn't find it to be the "Dark Souls" of masturbators, but then I had the advantage of foreknowledge, reading the other reviews and knowing how to attack the thing.

You will need to squeeze all the air out of it before entering the opening, incrementally pressing along the length of the sleeve with both hands and then using a free hand to drive your cock inside - unfortunately I've found it next to impossible to enter the sleeve hands free, but your mileage may vary. Additionally you will need to be rock hard or reasonably hard to squeeze in, this is true, but once you're in...sublime, the tight opening feels amazing, stroking up and down the length of your cock, and unlike other reviewers I found the inner texture of the sleeve to be just stimulating enough. To be honest, anything rougher or more elaborate would be too much and simply numb the glans, in my opinion. This OnaToy is the closest thing I've felt to simulating actual anal sex and it feels fantastic.

After about four uses I have yet to see any visible tears on the opening and I am overjoyed by this. Having favoured my Lisa Ann and Tori Black anal fleshlights in the past, unfortunately my poor gals started tearing pretty soon after initial use. Comparing the two sleeves - OnaToy versus Fleshlight - I would go with OnaToy, hands down. The insides feel better and I can ejaculate comfortably into an OnaToy, whereas Flashlights would always feel too tight and painful to cum inside - probably due to the narrower handle end of the Fleshlight casings. OnaToys don't have casings and I honestly prefer this design choice.

The only real design flaw of this OnaToy is that you will not be able to squeeze all air out of the sleeve, so that when you are penetrating it and moving air/lube around inside, it will squelch and blurp like nobody's business. The things is embarrassingly loud unfortunately, even when you wrap a hand towel or cloth around it to muffle the noise. Maybe put some heavy music on while you're jerking off to stop the neighbours from hearing your personal habits.

I'm very happy with my purchase.

by kluni November 24, 2018

A lot of people say that it feels a little bit loose or not have enough stimulation. They are true. However, if you tried anal sex before and love that feeling, this is the hole you are looking for!
This hole simulates real human anus VERY GOOD!!! 90% similar to girls that I had anal sex with!!! NO FCKING KIDDING!!!

by Hime September 29, 2018
Unique hole

This toy is its own category within my collection. Don't go into it expecting the usual experience, because it's pretty different. There's practically no interest beyond the entryway.

The entrance is tight. Like, it'll hurt if you're not careful. Use whatever amount of lube you need to get inside without getting pinched, which absolutely can happen. Even during use, you may need to reapply some to keep things going.

This one is all about the entrance. I think you'll be using this to its real potential if you focus there. Since there's just the one area of stimulation, sessions may last longer, but I think that's a fine use for this toy.

Also, because of the shape of it and the weight distribution, I find I'm able to hold this more like holding onto an ass rather than holding a water bottle, like all other holes. It's still novel to this day!

The inside is really hollow with virtually nowhere for stuff to really catch, so cleaning is super easy. Just don't go stuffing paper towels in there in a way that'll make it difficult to get them back.

Oh yeah: it's dual-layered which can be nice, but mine is already peeling a bit at the entrance. Trying to turn this inside out is probably like fitting an elephant through the eye of a needle, so I haven't tried it.

Adjust your mindset before getting this and I recommend it!

by Scratch September 8, 2018
Tight but ...

The entrance is tight, but I feel almost no stimulation after that.
Wouldn't buy it again.

by Jii July 31, 2018
Instant regret

The entrance is extremly thight, i feld like my D** will be cut. Once inside, it's like space, it feel empty, no stimulation execpt at the entrance. Purge the air inside and you will have a great sucking effect with no other stimulation.

by SeedmonsterX July 6, 2018
Would not go for it

Thought it'll be good but I was wrong. Just a tight entrance but hollow on the inside giving no sensation. Mistakes were made.

by SomeRandomGuy April 27, 2018
Average tightness & average sensation

The entrance is tight but not too tight. After entering, I find that it is quite empty & the feeling is not that intense. Nevertheless, the material of this product is good & will hold up (depends on one's usage) & the box art is a nice addition. Cleaning is easy too.

by Bryan March 23, 2018

The entrance is very tight, but I have almost no sensation after this.

by Allen February 8, 2018
Not recommended

I've read the reviews and, thinking it'll go great, ordered one. Truth be told, it's really lacking in sensation unless you have western's girth, it's like fapping with a cockring.

by A January 26, 2018
Would've expected more stimulation deeper in

Good job on their part using art by Kitani Sai to pull people in. Now onto the meat of this thing (no pun intended).
The ring in this onahole makes it kind of annoying to insert if you're doing it one handed or hands free, and you'll essentially be playing slip-n-slide for a good 5 mins (foreplay for the onahole I guess?). If you don't lube your glans enough, you're bound for a city on pain train. The tightness created by the ring can actually cause enough friction (if you're using minimal lube) to hurt/burn you, so lube up well.

After the initial tightness, you're greeted by a hollow cavity that doesn't offer much stimulation if you did NOT push out the air (followed by a bunch of muffled slurping noises). Depending on your onahole experience and member size, even with the air out, you may not feel much stimulation apart from the vacuum (maybe they were trying hard to emulate real anal?).

Washing wise, this onahole can't get simpler enough. As say the instruction, flush with warm water (and maybe soap) and dry (you can probably let it drip dry because there aren't many crevices/bumps and ridges), or if you're like me: microfiber cloth!.
Because of the dual layer, the material on the inside actually makes it feel like a real ass, while the material on the exterior grants protection and sturdiness. This onahole should last a long time, given that it doesn't break from the line where they fused the two halves, which is actually quite visible.
If this were cheaper (maybe say half the price; you can essentially get 2 onaholes for this one), I would recommend buying it.

by Robert December 5, 2017
Extremely tight

Keep in mind before buying: (the entrance of) the onahole is EXTREMELY TIGHT. Depending on your personal preference, you might even find so tight that it hurts, but some people would definitely love the tightness. Regardless, it's well built as any Toys Heart product.

by Toka November 21, 2017
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

You guys may have already read all the thorough comments above so I just want to say one more time. This onahole is good. Suck every last drop off me. Nice material, no sticking, easy to clean. The inside is a little bit spacy , just in case you don't know. However, if you are hesitating about spending your money, I will say that this is totally worth, so no worry.

by Imperialys3 October 17, 2017
Motto shitai, senpai...(I want to do it more, senpai)

Well...Have it for long now, still feel good in it. Totally. One of the product i'm absolutelly not disappointed at all with "La bocca del verita".

First, like some already said, the art of the box.
Since i read some words in japanese plus the art itself is a plus for it. president have different faces depending of which side of the box you're looking.

The ona itself completly fulfilled his goal.
The sensation in it is...Undescriptable.

First you have two way to feel the pleasure.
The first one is to enjoy the main part of it : The place the ring is. The ring, who leave such a tight way will satisfy those who are like me, were looking for such a tight space.

The other way is to enjoy the simple finition. By this, i mean that the rest of it is...Empty, simple. But you can still enjoy it with the "vacuum" of the ona (As i do.)

Conclusion :
Plus :
-The sensation is way too good for its price
-Two way to feel the pleasure
-A great sensation of tight
-A good design (The box, like the ona itself)

Malus :
-You may finish addicted to it (it is really a malus?)

He fulfilled its goal and "Student council president Onahole"
is one of the Onahole i really appreciated so far. I will recommend it to all who are seeking for Anal Experience!

by Dung August 19, 2017

All in all, this onahole is a perfect display if an elephant trying to shove itself into a pinhole, but dear lord. Inside is a suction that could rival a blackhole, but in a good way I swear. After the 5th use where I got used to it.
Other then the incredibly hard first few penetration, there is an issue if very little stimulation use actually inside of the onahole.
But all in all again, it won't matter to much because it is. a Very good onahole

by Brandon May 2, 2017
It is a great item

The item is nice and can hold up pretty well had it for two weeks and I sen no signs for it breaking and the ring at the entrance is a very nice touch overall it is a great product

by Jacob February 10, 2017
overall nice onahole

A surprisingly hefty toy, insertion is tight and won't let you out easily. Apply lube liberally and go to town. An interesting sensation where it's softer at the end but hard in the beginning.

by Kris February 3, 2017
Nice anal toy

I wanted to tray something different so I got this. The stimulation in this product is great and I was surprised how tight this onahole really is. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a good and durable anal toy

by Cire December 26, 2016
For those who want something different

I bought this ona because I wanted something with a different feeling to it (and I have a bit of an anal fetish), and this definitely delivered. I knew it was going to become one of my favorites when I actually had trouble penetrating it for the first time. Almost all of the stimulation comes from the entrance, which is to be expected from an anal hole, and I feel that the ring is really keeping the entrance nice and tight after multiple successive uses.

Because the inside of the toy is relatively loose, I find cleaning it to actually be easier than with other onaholes, where the tightness is relatively consistent throughout the entire toy.

The ona itself is relatively short in length, but because all the stimulation comes from the entrance, I don't consider this to be a problem. The ass part of the toy is nice, plump, and hefty, which is a great plus in my book. The walls of the tunnel feel a bit thin, and I must admit I am a bit concerned that they may tear. However, I have yet to have a Toysheart ona tear in any significant way, so I'm not too worried about it.

Should you buy this? Ultimately, it's up to you. If you're looking to get this as your first onahole, I would recommend going for something a little more traditional to start. But if you already have a more conventional onahole or two, and are looking for something to diversify your collection, you would be doing yourself a disservice to pass this up.

by Alex December 22, 2016
A real anal onahole !

First i really love the art of the box XD
That onahole is unlike others onahole. We have here a very tight entrance with a strong grip around your shaft when your in, then due to the vaccum effect the rest of the toy will wrap around (not much stimulation here, it's more like a gentle massage ) ang give a nice suction.
It's really fell anal like ( for a toy ) there still have room for improvement.
the dual layer start to separate (common issue with toy heart dual layer) the friction between your rod and the ring can be violent for you and the toy make sure to use a good lube( one who dry slowy)
Not so easy to clean because of the ring be careful to not aggravate the dual layer issue
It's clearly a noisy toy, not an issue but it's good to know.
If you want try something different go for it.
I enjoy every moment i spend with that lovely student council president.

by Henrique December 9, 2016

If you like a really tight sensation you need to buy this onahole.

The ring was a good idea of this product, makes a tight grip at the entrance and keeps a good vacuum while you use it. But the toy doesn't do much more than that, the stimulation and the structure is not that good.

by mexguy November 13, 2016
Tight and good suction

Good material, feels like true penetration, has good suction, deal to combine it with pillowcases and aroma lotions,To increase your fantasy.

by Juan October 18, 2016

Image on box is attractive and seductive, It's a very nice hole with a good vacuum.

by Ax-ti1 September 19, 2016
Very nice!

It is a very nice hole. Tight at the start and more open in the end. Very good vacuum. Image on box is nice also!

by Ace September 8, 2016
The Image of The Box Attractive.

I love this tool and the main reason was that boxing is attractive.

I found myself did a job with the box more than the item itself.

Overall, it's really tight, the oxygen inside the pocket can be vacuum and hardly came out.

by Wrandral August 20, 2016
A great Anal onahole

For a long while i wanted to try an anal onahole in order enjoy a different sensation and while there are quite a few of them only this one gave me the anal feel at first glance.
The ring at the entrance is perfect and in my opinion reproduce very well the feel and sensation you'd get with anal sex but be patient when getting in at first and lube it well otherwise you risk hurting yourself.
After getting in, well all the sensations are centered at the entrance with the ring and i find that pounding it fast is really enjoyable. Be careful though since the hole is kinda noisy ( then again it is immersive also )
An excellent hole to experience anal and to switch of from other mainstreams ones i definitely recommend it.

by ahegaoenthusiast June 28, 2016
Bottom-Heavy Toy

Quality and appearance of the toy is very good. Looks attractive and also feels very study towards the base/entrance.

The biggest gimmick of this toy however is the ring at the entrance and its suction. Entering this toy requires more lube than I am used to, however it feels absolutely wonderful. The tightness that this toy advertises is delivered.

That being said, aside from the entrance the rest of the toy does not provide much stimulation. Almost all of the sensation is focused around the entrance, since the rest of the toy is not as tight.

Overall, I believe that for what this toy provides it is a tad overpriced. If there were more stimulation other than the base of the toy then I would undoubtedly give it a perfect rating. If the front-loaded tightness sounds like something you would be into however, then it might be worth checking out.

by Shadow June 7, 2016
Great toy

Love the anal toy onahole wish they develop the hole all the way through only strong sensation at the entrance the mid to end of the onahole provides zero stimulation in my experience. Would of be nice if there was slightly strong sensations mid and at end of the onahole even though i know its not realalistic.

by MeikiLover May 31, 2016
The anal hugger

I had tried many toys that had an anal hole(mostly dual hole toys), but was usually like 3 inch long and rip easily in the entrance or inside the toy connecting to the vagina part. This toy as a separate with a twist to it that beats most anal hole so far.

The visual of the toy looks amazing, and pussy part looks like you can penetrate it but it is sealed off. I inserted my finger in the anal hole to test it out and it is very tight and the suction is very good, the ring support does help.

Testing it, just lube yourself good to easily get thru. The ring support kind of acts like a cock ring too but also stroking your member and vacuum feel is strong. The texture inside is a hit and a miss but does it job.

Cleaning it you can force flip it but I feel this will loosing the ring abit.
Overall, I'm happy with this toy.

by Kami May 22, 2016
For that specific feel

It feels... Nice, if you want a somewhat low stimulation and tight feel via suction. Being built the way it is with the inner ring, it's tight at the start and the onahole itself is quite large and not extensively detailed.

So it's not very stimulating but still tight but only at the start. Deeper in , it feels opened up and is very much much like an air pocket.

From this you can jackhammer speed your member without any hassle to make up for overall tunnel stimulation. Shallow strokes are the appeal which intrigued me in the first place, but in the end didn't excite me as much. Though is quite well for 'what's advertised' so I can't complain.

by Ben Dover May 9, 2016

When I saw this I had to buy it

The idea of the ring is good, it adds to the tightness.

All the stimulation and weight is focused at the front, deeper it is quite bland, as I assume how it would be, so I went for shallow strokes to get the most stimulation. And it's quite nice. Suction is obviously strong

I'm unsure how it will hold up, assuming it will loosen over time. Personally anal isn't the first thing that I crave for, this toy is nice but won't get as much use as others. That's just me

Quality is quite good knowing ToysHeart. No tears so far but who knows. The material does not get sticky and attract a shit ton of dust, which is a blessing and is not the case with more expensive toys like NPG's Meikis.

If you like anal then no shit, get yourself one of these.

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