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Ponkotsu Guardian Zero White LV0

Onahole by Kiteru Kiteru
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Maker Kiteru KiteruSimulation VaginalFantasy JRPGHole Design Closed Hole TypeMaterial Construction Single LayerUsability ReusableMaterial Firmness Soft Number of Holes 1Product Weight 380g (0.84lbs)Length/Height 140mm (5.51in)Lotion included Yes Release 2021Product Type Onahole

This sexy warrior guardian is said to guard a treasure that has the potential to stimulate any man beyond their wildest imaginations. Enter Ponkotsu Guardian Zero White's secret shrine and do battle with her inner spiraling love tunnel veiled in various ridges that will grip and massage your member with every stroke. The Ponkotsu Guardian Zero White LV0 Onahole by Kiteru Kiteru is made from remarkably soft and squishy materials that are also surprisingly durable - meaning you are free to enjoy this male masturbator however you want to. This RPG character-inspired pussy stroker also comes in a beautiful box with artwork of the sexy character to get you in the mood for the adventure ahead.

User Reviews

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  • | 1/24/2023

    To the point review

    Use this if: -You intend to edge/have a several hour long session -Want something about 3x softer than a marshmallow -Want something gentle that is effectively incapable of roughing up your tool. Don't use if: -You want any kind of strong sensations -Prefer firmer toys -Don't like taking your time and prefer to be done in under 20 min.

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  • | 12/19/2022

    Sex with a ghost

    I don't know how to describe it beyond it being like sex with a ghost, you know your doing something but you don't feel like there is anything there, like a ghost. very enjoyable for longer sessions

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  • | 11/9/2021

    Soft like a mochi

    Seriously, this has to be the same experience as having sex with a mochi. Is the softest thing I ever touched. The stimulation is very gentle but nice, over all if you've been waiting for some days to use it. Another good point is the material, to me, finishing inside the onahole is sometimes a rough experience at the end (depending on the material of the toy) but this sensation isn't present on this toy because of its smooth texture. And I can not end this review without talking about the box. The packaging is so cute and adorable and hides a secret when you open the lid. Nothing like white magic! The amazing illustration of this extremely cute Unicorn Girl was made by: どどめ色マヨネーズ Bad points: Well, not all are good things. The packaging is very thin! Due the material of the toy I think that there are some issues; for example has some bubbles and holes and also some lines that looks like small broken parts. Only looks like it, but it's definetly not broken. I noticed a spot with a hard silicone chip, as if when creating the material there were lumps or some piece of something. This points were not a critical thing in my case but I had toys that were a big failure because of things like this. Even so, I'm very happy with it, was a good purchase and is a very unique experience! I was investigating a bit, and the company recommends the use of a Hard lube, I tried the "Unicorn" lube that comes with the toy and it's ok but I agree with the company, the hard lube is a very nice combination, I tried with the succuel hard lube from the same company and it's so good. Enjoy!

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  • | 5/12/2021

    durable and gentle

    This is like fucking a cloud with small fingers- very little in the way of stimulation but with enough work can make a session very satisfying. It's durable enough to be folded inside out for cleaning, though I will caution doing so because of potential differences in quality.

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