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Puni Ana DX

Double Hole Onahole by EXE
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Product Type: Double Hole Onahole, Hip Onahole, Virgin Onahole

Japanese young girl double hole masturbator

The Puni Ana DX hip onahole from EXE Japan was first released in 2012 and has been a best seller ever since. This massive onahole is a dream come true for all Loli lovers and has set the benchmark for a whole generation of onaholes. It offers two very nice and yet so different holes, both tight as you would expect from a young and inexperienced girl. The heavy weight adds a beautiful level of realism to it and allows you to pound her even fast, just as you desire. The Puni Ana masturbator series always stands for high quality and a genuine young girl sex experience. Even with its big size, the Puni Ana DX is easier to clean than most large onaholes and will surely give you a long lasting experience.

The Puni Ana DX from EXE Japan features
  • Genuine japanese onahole
  • Single layer material
  • Double hole experience
  • Weight about 2400 Grams
  • Item dimensions 220x210x180
  • comes with a free sample lotion


7 Customer Reviews for Puni Ana DX

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by Chaos February 6, 2020
One year experience

Been using, for about one year now and all I got to say is that's great. This is my second hip onahole that I have gotten, much better than my first one. The feeling is great, it's tight but not tight.
Even with it's big size, because of it's shape it's really simple and easy to clean, there are no weird angles or spots that might make cleaning more difficult. The one and only downside I can say is that it's a bit too soft which takes away some feeling. But for the overall price it's pretty good, the hard edition is a bit bigger and a bit harder for like around 10 extra bucks. So if you want something a bit bigger and harder I would recommend maybe trying the hard edition

by Liam September 13, 2018
Good for my first piece

QUALITY: Fantastic and very realistic. Having been with a few women before, though, as others may have mentioned, not quite so small, I can attest to the fact that this is very realistic, although, obviously lacking in certain respects since it's not the real thing.

This one seems to be the "regular" model. As a consequence, it's soft, maybe a little too soft at least for my liking. I think if you prefer a firmer feeling piece, you may consider the "DX Hard," model.

The "tunnels," shall we say, are a little on the loose side depending on how much lubricant is applied, but, as this is my first product, I might still have some figuring out to do!

Overall, great experience, will likely buy other products from this company in the future.

by Kuri September 1, 2018
Good, but there are other ones, which are better...

I bought Puni Ana DX after reading a review. I thought, It would be something top tier, but at the same time I bought other product (Sujiman Kupa Cocolo). The price was the same before (now Puni Ana is cheaper) so I tried them both.
At the beginning, I couldn't finish when using Puni Ana DX, the stimulation was kinda dull and fake... Don't know if Puni Ana DX Hard Edition gives better stimulation, probably it does. If you are not that sensitive, you should buy hard version, trust me ;)
The other thing is, there is a hole at the end that makes cleaning way easier than Cocolo. Thats a good thing of course!
The shape of product is really well made, round little butt perfectly fill your hands and the material is nice in touch.
If you are looking for some good hip-onahole, this one will meet your expectations.

by purachina June 18, 2018
Extremely High-quality Onahip

The price may deter some, but after about half a year of use, I would say it's well worth it. The size and weight create a feeling that you just don't get from a standard onhole, and can make it hard to go back. Having an extra hole is a nice bonus as well. The only downfall would be cleaning; it can be a difficult process if your sink is small. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who wants something that's more interesting than an onahole, and is willing to shell out some extra money for it.

by Ryan November 24, 2017
Loved it

Great product. Has some weight to it, but that's a good thing, since you can bounce it on top of you. The weight makes it feel more realistic. Two holes which is a plus. A bit expensive but well worth. It is a larger product so you may need some space to hide it.

by dingoman February 5, 2017

My first onahole, I bought into the hype but it is overrated.

Internals aren't that interesting, and your dick pokes out the other end too easily if you have decent length. Very firm, intense stimulation but it feels very fake.
Easy to clean though.

by Kawaii Ru September 30, 2016
After a year she still my favourite toy

I've bought this toy a year ago, and until now, I like to play with it!

+ Easy to wash
+ Durable
+ Two different holes, which feels different
+ Looks nice and feels awesome

- You can see your dick coming out from another side, toy should be a bit longer... but you can finish outside and then pull out.

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