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Puni Ana Miracle Bakunyu DX

Hip Onahole by EXE
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Maker EXESimulation Anal, VaginalFantasy VirginHole Design Closed Hole TypeMaterial Construction Double LayerUsability ReusableMaterial Firmness RegularNumber of Holes 2Product Weight 14.5kg (31.97lbs)Length/Height 500mm (19.69in)Lotion included Yes Release 2022Product Type Hip Onahole, Torso Onahole

User Reviews

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  • | 5/3/2023

    No regrets

    This was an impulse buy because I was in the market for an oppai toy to lay my neck on but then I saw this. Immediately this is not the toy you want if you want to lay your neck on then unless maybe at a 45 degree angle. Anyway I went into this thinking I was only gonna use it that way but it’s way too tempting and I broke. The toy feels durable compared to zxy and Sarah(Sarah>ZXY fight me)-!: admittedly not as stimulating as those but I find this toy feeling way more accurate to a real feel oddly with it’s not so realistic pattern. It is heavy but actually doesn’t become a problem. My othe heavy to was monster wet kiwami. But this was way easier to use due to all the handling areas being there. And don’t get me started on the ass. Last girlfriend was a 5’1 Asian chick and the ass instantly hit home for me lol. Just a little better because of more curvature but accurate size. Breast obviously awesome and I was afraid of them tearing due to the weight but that seems like a non issue. The one real issue is the length. And maybe I’m being picky. But in missionary you really feel out of place holding so low for breast. I prefer to use it on its side for that reason. I found that with a true sized torso in missionary the breast are usually close to mouths reach even if just out of it. But don’t expect that here. Cleaning is gonna be a bitch but I’m so ok with it. I recommend getting a laundry basket with holes and putting that in the tub so you don’t t get fatigued. This is a staple and I hope it will still be sold when mine eventually wears down.

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  • | 3/25/2022

    Almost Perfect (to me)

    Everything except the breasts is just like the original Miracle. To sum up that, the vagina and butt feel great. The breasts feel great as well, especially with the aid of a heated blanket. They do make it unwieldly because the weight is so far to one side, making some positions awkward. A size between OG and Baku would make it perfect. But, the breasts make me feel like the value is quite good. It's a pricy torso, but many oppai are almost as expensive, and these have a torso attached for about $100 more. Quite nice

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