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Puni Ana Miracle DX

Torso Onahole by EXE
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The Puni Ana Miracle DX onahole is by far one of the most impressive releases of the the Puni Ana onahole series. Made by the legends of EXE Japan, is the Puni Ana Miracle DX the first full Sex Doll experience in the series. After many successful onahole and Hip releases in the series, is the Puni Ana Miracle DX onahole a class on its own. With a weight of 10kg / 22.05lbs, is she a real love companion, a male sex toy fantasy come true. Her Breasts are big and perky, her Ass round and tight. On the inside we have two realistic Holes, Vagina and Anal which both are giving the realistic young girl Loli sex experience, the series stands for. Made with a realistic rib cage on the inside, the Puni Ana Miracle DX feels much more firm than other Love and Sex Dolls. Even her Breasts are made with a dual layer material, with a soft core on the inside, to make her Breats feel as realistic as possible. The Puni Ana Miracle DX male masturbator surely sets standards and is a must have for fans of the series and everyone looking for the ultimate experience.

Maker: EXESimulation: Anal, VaginalFantasy: VirginHole Design: Closed Hole TypeMaterial Construction: Double LayerUsability: ReusableMaterial Firmness: RegularNumber of Holes: 2Product Weight: 10kg (22.05lbs)Length/Height: 500mm (19.69in)Width: 260mm (10.24in)Depth: 170mm (6.69in)Lotion included: Yes Release: Mar 16, 2018Product Type: Torso Onahole
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User Reviews

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  • | 5/1/2021

    She will love you forever

    ...But might be a bit too heavy to enjoy, at least for me. The toy is FUN to dressup with some small girl clothes or bikinis, and it's really pleasant to squish her tits when going to sleep. The feeling is great inside, but as a personal taste I didn't enjoy her too much. Again, she's too heavy so you'll end up concentrating your sensation on your hands rather than your dick. Watching her tits go crazy when you're doing her cowgirl is really fun though.

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  • | 12/23/2020

    Absolutely fantastic

    Don't let the stars fool you, it was only nitpicks that brought them down. The Miracle is fantastic. The weight makes it fantastic for positions where it's on top. Just lift it up and gel gravity slam it back down. Even having it just lay on you while sleeping feels good, for those who like weighted blankets and the like. The breasts are a near perfect size, a bit more than a handful each, and a great feeling while holding while coming in from behind. The size and weight do make it an entire event to clean though. You will need either a long brush or an enema to reach deep in to both clean or rinse to avoid leaving anything in the holes. Nitpicks are the nipples are separate pieces, and started to come off after a couple months. And the skin began to tear within a month around the bottom. The outside skin just isnt made to take friction well.

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  • | 9/17/2019

    Nice weight, nipples a nice realistic touch

    Considering the price you get quite a bit of bang for you buck. The weight and sculpting are both very attractive features, the tits were soft and bouncy (althought personally I would have liked them a bit softer) but the nipples were amazingly realistic in terms of texture. Once powered up the skin was nice and smooth, fairly realistic and had great rebound if you spanked the butt or slapped the boobs a bit with a satisfying noise. The internal spine and hip bones made for easier handling and added realism. For a torso type onahole these features the Puni Ana has are top notch and a honestly one of the main reason to get this. Hugging and spooning her at night felt satisfying if a bit unwieldy at times due to her weight distribution. Honestly I had her in bed with me almost everyday just to use as a hug pillow or the feeling of someone in bed with me. Do keep in mind her dimensions, one of the other main reasons to get the Puni Ana DX is the ability to dress her up! But you're going to have to look for a size extra small or kid sized stuff since her proportions are not that of normal sized woman. Also a word of warning, make sure if you dress her up to pre wash everything since darker dyed clothing can stain her skin if left on for too long. Also for that extra touch I bought a heated electric blanket to use with her so that she was nice and warm when you're in the mood. Otherwise she's a bit too cold and corpse like. The Puni Ana DX is also a great candidate for some of the smell fetish scents sprayed or applied to the clothes as well. The vaginal hole was a bit looser than I had imagined but provided good enough stimulation, smaller endowed guys might not get the tightness they need, but for average sized guys it's does the trick. It was not the best feeling onahole texture I've had, but the sensation of the weight and squishyness of her body that adds realism makes up for that and really lends itself to long play. The anal hole was a good deal tighter but due to the position of the anal hole it's a bit harder to get into the right angle in certain situations. Normally I always used a condom with her since cleaning something of this size is a hassle and takes actual work to do. Usually I cleaned her in the shower for her skin and then used the bath faucet for the inner holes. Afterwards I rubbed ALOT of baby powder on her to maintain that silky smooth skin texture.

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  • | 8/13/2019

    Great quality and design

    I've owned my Puni Ana Miracle DX for about a year & a half now(April 2018~August 2019) and I am considering to reorder it. Pros: -Both holes are amazing -Tits are soft and large. -Nice weight(10kg) and size. -Solid build quality. -The skeleton keeps it tight. -Unlike small onaholes with thin walls. You won't feel your hands when using it. -Durable -Feels great to hug Cons: -Can be tough to handle for some people due to its weight. -Tits can be larger IMO. -The skin tears quite easily. I unintentionally tore a few tiny holes by digging my fingernails into the waist. -Expensive -It's a bit difficult to clean and dry -One of the tits has become saggy after a year of ownership. I think the Miracle DX is totally worth getting and it lasted a long time for a toy. Wish I had been more careful with it.

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  • | 4/4/2019

    Best Large Torso ive used so far

    The Puni Ana Miracle DX was a hip I had been wanting to try out for a long time but I was a little bit hesitant at first due to the high price with shipping so I waited until OtonaJP had a good coupon sale to order it. I finally pulled the trigger and ordered it on 07-28-2018 and it was shipped out to me on 09-19-2018 (53 days later), I had contacted OtonaJP a few times about why it was taking so long because on the website it said "usually ships within 3-4 weeks" and they responded saying that it was a popular product that they were having a hard time keeping in stock due to manufacturer shortages. When I finally got the Puni Ana Miracle DX in my hands I have to say that I was not disappointed at all! it was definitely worth the wait and the money spent on it. I had tried other torso toys (hips w/tits) before like the "Puni Ana SPDX" and the "Hoshimi Rika could be your Wife" but those two dont hold a candle to the Puni Ana Miracle DX in terms of build quality and tunnel stimulation. Below is a list of the pros and cons that I found with the Puni Ana Miracle DX as well as my conclusion Pros --------------- + The Tunnels are more stimulating than the Puni Ana SPDX and Hoshimi Rika could be your Wife torso toys that I tried before. + The tits are very soft and high quality, ive seen titty toys go for ¥20,000+ just for the tit part alone but this toy comes with the hip + tits all in one toy and they didnt break during the whole time I owned the toy. + The Puni Ana Miracle DX has a skeletal structure so it doesnt flop around while your using it like many other torso toys out there. + The vagina and anus both have very different textures which are both very enjoyable. + I received the Puni Ana Miracle DX on 09-28-2018 and it ended up breaking on 03-23-2019 so it lasted about 5 months and 23 days or 176 days which is pretty durable as far as sex toys go. Cons --------------- - The toy can get pretty heavy if your bouncing it up and down on top of you instead of laying it flat on a surface and going to town, it will feel like your getting a workout (which some people might like since you get exercise while fapping). - Its a popular toy and the manufacturer has a hard time keeping it in stock so the waiting period can be pretty long, for me it took 53 days to go from Paid to Shipped. - The reason that my Puni Ana Miracle DX broke at day 176 of ownership was because I accidentally dug into the skin of the toy with my fingernails once while I was using it and the toy got a small cut which started stretching as I continued to use the toy over the months and slowly turned into a hole over time. The hole that was created led me to discover that the toy has 2 layers of skin, an outer layer that is like a thin rubber bag over the internal parts of the toy and the internal parts that act as the skeleton for the toy but if you ever create a hole in it by accident then water will get inside of the toy and make the outer skin feel slippery as well as create a whole host of other possible problems (like water getting inside of the toy and creating mold). Conclusion --------------- The Puni Ana Miracle DX is definitely a toy that I recommend that everyone try at least once, you owe it to yourself as a sex toy owner to experiment and see which toys you like the most so that when your toy breaks as they all do eventually you know which your favorite toy was and if its worth the costs or not. The Puni Ana Miracle DX was a very enjoyable experience for me while I owned it, so far its my favorite torso toy that comes with tits + a hip out of all the ones that ive tried. Would I buy the Puni Ana Miracle DX agian? possibly in the future if I ever miss the experience but for now I re-ordered the Kazushiri to replace the broken Puni Ana Miracle DX. The reason I re-ordered the Kazushiri (a hip toy without tits) instead of the Puni Ana Miracle DX is because I wanted to give the Kazushiri another chance and I felt that it was easier to manage since I dont use the tits portion of the toy that much and the Kazushiri is good for longer sessions and ships out quicker. If you buy the Puni Ana Miracle DX make sure to be careful with your fingernails not to dig into the skin of the toy while your using it or you could end up breaking it like I did by creating a hole in it by accident.

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  • | 11/30/2018

    Really good onahole doll

    The Miracle DX is great. The weight is amazing at 10kg, if a bit unwieldy if you are weak or have poor grip. The flesh is supple and feels good, the bones feel even better, but the skin tears a tiny bit easily. Nothing rough or sharp should touch it. The tits are soft and firm. Cleaning is a hassle. Stickiness is to be expected so it needs a bit of powdering. The front hole and back hole are more easily accessed from the respective side due to their orientation. I hope they make one with more resilient skin next time.

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  • | 7/24/2018


    It's good in all the aspects but it's a bit expensive, have a good material and weight.

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  • | 4/6/2018

    Buy it

    being my first torso doll, I must say that I am not at all disappointed, the proportions are correct, faithful to the image (a version "tanned" would not have displeased me: p). The "skeleton" makes it rigid but remains very flexible. For the sensations I found it quite soft and spacious either for the two holes, maybe a little tighter would have been better. The price, a bit expensive but for me it's worth it.

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  • | 3/26/2018

    quality sculpting and quality build

    If you like the pictures, you will like the real thing. I like that the toys are becoming better looking all the time. So when I finally got my Puni Ana Miracle DX, damn I was excited. I ripped through that box and my heart flew when I opened it. Puni Ana Miracle DX is the actual size of a real torso. Seriously, her boobs which are VERY large for her frame as the size of a small melon. The build quality is nicely solid though. I just wish they made her at least smaller scaled for better handling. Both entrances are not quite as tight as the doll would make you imagine. First thing I thought is how my member is going to fit into that tiny 1" entrance, but it does and its pretty roomy in there. For me the size is the biggest worry. From the pictures I was wanting to hold both massive boobs while you pound away missionary. Boobs are rather too small to tit fuck if you have a smaller member. And the build quality is on point. So for comparison with them you will be very happy with this. Sensation is strongly mild. Less than a Julia but way better than any single layer.

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