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Puni Ana ROID 2

Electric Pow. Onahole by EXE
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Electric Powered Hentai Masturbator

Following the success of the Puni Ana Roid - the Electric Masturbator addition of the popular Puni Ana Range - EXE Japan have now given us the Puni Ana ROID 2 with a new sleek black look, so you can enjoy amazing automatic masturbation in style. This sex "android" has been programmed with the sole purpose of pleasing you with her tight pussy, and she'll accomplish that goal with seven massage settings and seven vibration patterns, making up a total of 49 different pleasure modes. The Puni Ana ROID 2 electric masturbator features a powerful piston and superb inner tunnel with various soft nubs and ridges that combine with the vacuum suction to provide amazing android sex. Use this electric masturbator while enjoying your favourite hentai anime, or even a VR title, and you're guaranteed to have one of the best and most futuristic sexual experiences of your life. There's also an adjustable suction cup so you can easily enjoy the masturbator through a 145-degree angle by sticking it to a suitable surface. Also the Puni Ana ROID 2 comes with ten minutes of accompanying “masturbation aid” audio from the sexy android.

The Puni Ana ROID 2 Electric Rotor Masturbator Features:

  • Innovative Piston Male Masturbator by EXE Japan
  • A total of 49 Different Pleasure Variations (7 Vibration & 7 Massage Patterns)
  • An Electric Masturbator Addition to EXE's Puni Ana Range of Toys
  • Power: USB-rechargeable
  • Approx. 10 Minutes of Accompanying Audio With Android Sex Talk & Noises
  • Suction Cup Base With Adjustable 145-degree Base
  • Illustration by Maruku
  • Weight: 635 Grams
  • Dimensions: 240 x 85 x 85 mm
  • Charge before use

Maker: EXEWhat kind of product: Electric Pow. Onahole
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User Reviews

11 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 3/8/2021

    no pleasure

    The vibrations/massage of this thing, gives no pleasure. It's super loud, cant recommend it. better to use it like a normal onahole rather than turning it on.

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  • | 2/20/2021

    i like it more then the 1st roid

    roid 1 has a piston style that moves up and down your member. while this you stick in the "cup" and it vibrates around you. both are good for slow sessions with your favorite h doujin. but for me this was is preferred

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  • | 1/21/2021

    Great, but not the best, recommendable only if you know what you are buying

    I have to say that I misunderstood how was it going to work, I think it had a little piston system which would move in and out, but rather it's just a vibration and squeezing one, and ignoring the fact that its a little weak, it does its job i guess. So leaving that aside, if you know what you are buying, it is recommendable, after all it will make you finish, and it feels good, but to be honest, there are a lot of reviews who say that the 1st version is better, and it may be true, it's kinda weak and makes a lot of noice. However, if you are looking for something like what I was looking for, the TRYFUN Black Hole Stroke Cup seems to have a piston system, so probably im going to buy it.

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  • | 12/30/2020

    Not the best for above average users

    The concept of it is sound. But for larger users this is not going to work or be enjoyable. Either the motors inside will not move or move and jam while causing a death grip on anything inside. If that is what you want, just buy a vice instead.

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  • | 9/25/2020

    Nicely done but disapointed...

    I'll make it short : This onahole seemed nice at first sight but if you want to use it, keep that in mind : It's for small to average penis. If you are larger than that you may experiment issues just to enter the tip ! i do. You'll have to use more lube too cause of the suction movements. Well... i'm disapointed. The overhall product in itself is nicely done and i have nothing to add to this.

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  • | 9/16/2020

    It’s ok. Well, fair

    I think it’s a very appealing product. The illustration, the onahole, the vibration, and the device itself. It’s just not well thought out. -So the pumping moves to fast no matter how you try to adjust it. You can’t really enjoy the feeling if it moves too fast. I was hoping it will clench on you during the massages. It’s just disappointing that it can’t. -The vibration was a bit different from what I expected, rather, it feels like your standard cell phone settings. There’s the full vibration and pattern vibration. I was expecting a weak to strong vibration. -Cleaning seems to be an issue, but that’s for all users, but if yours could tear from pulling it out from the device, than you might need to find a replacement. I literally tear mine a bit when I was adjusting mine. It’s also tough to stick it back in since they get stuck from what I’m guessing a curved bracket. -The audio they provide is distorted. I tried to listen to the audio clip with my earbuds they sounded distorted. You can hear her but the quality is horrible. And this is from my own pair of earbuds, not the ones they provided. Those are just horrible in my opinion. Im not a fan of in-earbuds. It does NOT have a built in speaker. -I don’t really have a purpose for the suction cup. It’s seems like a stand for it can charge. -What I found interesting was the 3.5 mm charge. I’ve never in my life seen a charger through the headphone jack. -I’m also not a fan of the RGB. You can’t turn that off. Which is stupid. -there’s no off switch, of immediate stop button. Imagine finishing and it still going. I can’t stand being tender while it’s still going. I struggled trying to turn off the first time using both features. Let me tell you. It’s really a real struggle. I held down the button for 10 secs and it wouldn’t turn off. I tried really hard but it took me almost a minute turn it off. -I hope they can get this thing to do more. Like clenching, better audio, easier to clean, massage and vibration improvements, and an actual release button. We can compromise on removing the glass and the RGB’s.

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  • | 9/14/2020

    Great toy for longer play

    First of all, regarding what other reviews said - the vibration is not the main component of this masturbator. The vibration, while not strong, helps to add to the experience and together with the moving brings about a pleasant experience. If you do not use the piston mode, the vibration modes itself are fun to explore and make sure to keep you hard. Since the arrival of this toy, i have done an extensive "research" - when you have thicker or longer member for the toy, it matters not to insert yourself "whole" in it as the stimulation is pleasant overall. On certain piston modes it can make the motors struggle a bit. The suction cup supplied with the product to "mount" it to walls is best used on any surface that is smooth and can be gripped on tightly. Do not be afraid to press onto it a little while securing it so it holds firmly. It holds on glass doors as well, but as always do be gentle with glass surfaces. The VA is great, but if you want to really enjoy it, choose any vibration you want but keep the piston to its first "program" otherwise the motors interject too much with the audio. To the person complaining about the VA being too loud - there is the volume control with the supplied earplugs. Overall very pleased with this masturbator when you do not require quick fap and can take your time with it. The VA is a bonus. Quick note tho - this product DOES make some noise - as expected from an piston masturbator - and the "window" where you can see the inside flashes with colors. Take that into consideration when you use this.

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  • | 9/14/2020

    disappointing and loud

    i wish i had read some of the reviews before i bought it. the squeeze is indeed weak, despite all the noise the toy makes. combined with the vibration you do get some nice feeling but not as strong as expected. for such a heavy and bulky onahole, i thought the squeeze and vibration functions would be a bit more intense. as for the audio, it's fine. the dirty talk by the girl is nice, however the fact that there's no way to turn down the volume is silly, it could have been included for the price asked. it's way too loud. overall, while the build quality is good i wouldn't recommend it. i'm sure other onaholes with vibrate functions can do a better job.

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  • | 7/30/2020

    weak squeeze

    imagined a stronger vibration and stimmulation man so the "squeeze" function is pretty weak if you ask me. while the pussy in it is nice from the texture and shape somehow its not worth the money how expensive it is :/ the pussy on its own would be as normal average onahole nice but like i said the vibration and stroking is extremly weak there :/. (maybe the vibration is only meh like weak but yeah.) well the roid audio sounds nice ... to bad i dont understand a single word xD its japanese obviously . should have put a little book in with the subtitles or something xD. i mean theres this book how to use and shit and it got a english version and a japanese there, so i wonder if they did that once english too why not have a translation for it. i believed first it would nearly only be moaning and panting . but it was mostly talking and a bit of moaning in it. well the only thing i really understood was that she said dick once ochinchin xD, yeah great that this is the word i understand lmao lol. wish i would understand japanese, japanese acting is the best, better than any other shit especially better than 3d trash ... well i mean the audio from hentai and anime xD tons of time bettern than 3d trash porn 7.5/10

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  • | 5/29/2020

    Weak and not worth the money

    Because the masturbator uses batteries it is very weak. When you start it the strokes seem whole, but when you put your peen in it, the strokes will be almost non existent. The sex talk is also very loud and its not possible to turn down the volume even with the earpods that are included with it.

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  • | 4/29/2020

    beware big pps

    maybe the best onahole i've ever used, and i own several, including the puni ana spdx hip. the vibration settings (there are a few of them) are just different, weak patterns that might do something if you arent used to things like the domi 2 or edge from lovense. the vibration is quiet though which is nice. the movement settings are loud but work really well, however, if you have a big, hard pp (by japanese standards) then you're going to slow down or even stop the motors which is probably dangerous. im average size and if i go as deep as i can go, i do stop the motor. that being said, you don't need to go all the way in to enjoy it. it's lighter than it looks and more comfortable to use than you might imagine. until now i've only had soft holes - ones without plastic cases around them. have to say, a hard external case makes it more comfortable for sure. this makes it fun to use even with the weak vibration and no movement turned on. i have not used the wall mount yet (uses a suction cup) and i can't comment on battery life yet either.

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