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Puni Ana ROID 3

Electric Powered Onahole by EXE
Maker EXE
Simulation Oral
Fantasy Maid
Hole Design Closed Hole Type
Material Construction Single Layer
Usability Reusable
Material TPE
Material Firmness Regular
Number of Holes 1
Product Weight 662g / 1.46lbs
Length/Height 287mm / 11.3in
Width 97mm / 3.82in
Depth 97mm / 3.82in
Lotion included Yes
Release 2021
Product Type Electric Powered Onahole
The Puni Ana ROID 3 is a fully Puni Ana themed electric powered Maid oral Sex experience. It comes with 7 different patterns to give you a unique sensation every time. It has a 145° stand to adjust it to your height and liking. To give the whole experience some extra fun, the Puni Ana ROID 3 Onahole comes with a 10 minute voice recording of Puni Ana's cute and sex talk to give you the ultimate Maid / Loli Oralsex experience. Built in battery, chargeable via USB with an included cable.
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User Reviews

3 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 3/24/2022

    Excellent yet fragile

    I only used for 5 time until the back of onahole has hole on it

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  • | 12/1/2021

    Underwhelming; get the ROID 1

    So I just got mine a couple of days ago, and I've got to say, it's a disappointment. I also have the Roid 1, and I think that's probably the only good version around. I think the problem with automatic onaholes is that they just don't simulate thrusting the same. The Roid 1 is pretty boring if you just use the back and forth piston motion. However when you enable rotation, the stimulation jumps 2x-4x and it feels great. I thought I wasn't going to like it because it's a small hole and doesn't give you that balls deep feeling, but it's actually great. I saw the reviews for the Roid 2 and decided to skip it. Looks like that one only had massaging and vibration. You'd have to thrust and then what's the point of an automatic onahole? Decided to get the 3 because the graphics said it had thrusting motion. It does for sure, but it's absolutely underwhelming. The problem is that the piston only moves back and forth for such a small distance that it just doesn't replicate the feeling you get when you're thrusting. It barely moves, and thus it barely stimulates you. I managed to finish once with it, but it took like an hour, and I had to concentrate and make sure it was stimulating a specific point, and event then I just wanted to stop that and just thrust on my own. The biggest recommendation I can give you once you get it is that you should take out the sleeve and when you put it back in, make sure you don't put it in all the way. There are some flaps that if you put them in all the way they "secure" the sleeve, but the problem is that they produce a vacuum and then you just feel nothing. I find that it feels better if there is no vacuum so experiment a little with that. Check onahodouga's review, it's in Japanese but can be translated. He gave it 0 for stimulation, and 1/5 levels of recommendation. The worst score so far, even worse than Roid 2 it seems

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  • | 11/5/2021

    Got a defective toy, i couldn't tell if i finished breaking it so i can't return it

    The toy i got wasn't working, all it did was a motor humming noise and a bit of burned smell. took it apart and i can tell you exe slacked in the design of the toy, they could've done soooo much better but they just didn't care *(talking about how the gears can just get stucked thus leading to the motor humming noise and smell).

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