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Puni shuwa mocchi 1000

by PPP
(appx. 66.87 )
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PPP does actually not often release a new masturbator but if they do, it surely leaves an impact. The Puni shuwa mocchi 1000 is simply the nearly perfect masturbator for all Lolita lovers. That small tiny ass has two holes for you to penetrate, both tight and realistic in feel. The vagina hole has a double layer structure inside while the anal hole is single layer. With all its bumps inside gives you specially the anal hole a super realistic feeling of what a good ass fuck should feel like. The total weight is 1000 Grams and for a masturbator if this size, it is very easy to clean. So if you are looking for that true and only lolita experience, than look no further, you found it right now.

Available on otonaJP since: 2016 Oct 20
Product Weight (without the package): approx. 1000 Grams
Product Dimensions: approx. 150x130x90mm


6 Customer Reviews for Puni shuwa mocchi 1000

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by Steven April 14, 2019
Soft and Great to Thrust in... if you're below average

General Thoughts: This was my first hip masturbator and I got to say it was a pretty good buy. It's soft and light for hip style masturbators and it has two holes, giving you two different experiences depending on what you're feeling like that day. It has a hole at the end of the toy which allows for easy washing which makes cleaning up a walk in the park, just run warm water through the bad boy and all your sticky gunk comes straight out.

Material: Silicone. Soft, wraps around your member but gets sticky after a while and makes the toy pretty much unusable.

Price: Not the cheapest for its type and definitely not the most worth it for its price but hey, its less than $100 and it lasted me half a year.

Personal Opinions: Even though I'm asian with an asian dick, which means its smaller than every one else in the world, the head of my dick still manages to peek out every time I thrust and causes my wet member to send shivers down my spine as the cold air brushes past my glans. Basically... its small.

by Normal dude March 19, 2019
Decent but wish it was a tad bigger

+ Wonderful shape! Very enticing and natural looking
+ Internal texture of the cunny is good.
+ anus texture is alright (though not often used, i'm a cunny man)
+No scent associated with it
+ flow through hole for easier cleaning
+ reasonable price

- too small, in both width, height and depth.
- Due to not being too deep poking out of the other side will happen. This tends to ruin the experience
- Open on other side = noisy and your release will bubble out. So when in doggy have a very thick towel on under you both to collect this.

Kinda wish I had bought the more expensive sister to this one, the PSM 2000

by Euphoria October 9, 2018
Disappointing first hip onahole

This was my first hip onahole. It was actually a lot more smaller than I had expected. To be honest I was doubting to get this one or the Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000 and in the end I choose the bad one. The vaginal isn't as tight as expected yet the ass is delightful. The length of the holes are rather short and sadly it didn't take long before the holes intersected with each other near the end. So the two tunnels became one near the end while the end airholes remained intact.

by Turoxw April 11, 2018
Very Good as always

Well this is my 2nd hip onahole,again a bit short for average size yet the feeling is just amazing it has a good texture but the vaginal hole isnt as thigh as it seems, still the ass one is always welcome.

by rasan October 5, 2017
Good for it price

But nothing amazing. Kinda small, if you have average length you will poke out on the other side.
Two holes are always a plus. It's nice with the touch

by KRR September 9, 2017
Very good product for save your wallet

It's good Silicone with 2 hole for useable and feels so good like touch something that punipuni so much.

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