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Real Body 3D Bone System Nikaido Rio

by SSI Japan
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Product Weight (without the package): approx. 7000 Grams
Product Dimensions: 470x320mm

Maker: SSI Japan
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User Reviews

3 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 1/22/2018

    Not your typical toy

    Pros: -Huge play/dress up value -Its heavy weight add to immersion -Very detailed neck, shoulders, collar bones (rare to find in other torsos. -Good size -Two holes Cons: -Really heavy. -Holes sensations are ok/meh -Pussy shape/position could be way better -Material it's a bit to hard in my opinion, specially apparent with the breasts -Really hard to clean. Overall I don't regret my purchase because I like to play with it more than I like making sex to it, it's closer to a silicone doll than to your standard onahole. It's super hard to clean so make sure you have the time and/or live alone, also a bit hard to store due to it's size.

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  • | 3/26/2017

    She's not worth the money.

    Purchasing Nikaido Rio was a mistake. Not only the shipping costed $150+, but she doesn't have enough stimulation due to her vagina's single layer structure. Pros: 1. Her upper body. Overall, she felt pretty heavy at first but I got used to it after a while. Her breasts feels squishy and her bone structure hold up well. Though her bone structure is simple, she has clavicle, scapula, and other upper body details such as the belly button. 2. Cosplay potential. Her size is US 4 (little girls) if you were to buy clothes for her. Although it would be hard to find legitimate lingerie, since her size is of a little girl, you could find shirts, skirts, panties and camisoles that fits her size. Cons: 1. Her lower body. Her butt cheeks are pointy, in other words, it's not as round as I expected. Details on her vaginal and anal entrances are lacking. She has too deep of a vagina despite the size of her body. It makes penetration less stimulating and cleaning much, much harder. Because the vagina and anal are single layer structure and not dual, I didn't get as much stimulation as I did with other hand-held onaholes with dual layer structures. Lastly, her vaginal entrance is placed way too much towards the frontal part of the body, making the back-thrusting positions much harder and front-thrusting positions off. It's like the producers put much effort into her upper body to look like a loli but did not care at all about her lower body be loli-like. 2. The typical rubber onahole smell (you know what I mean). You'll need to use bathroom tub foam cleaner to get rid of the smell. I used the whole bottle but the smell did not completely go away even after a week. Overall, it was a mistake. The cost does not match her value. But there's nothing I can do now, other than to be satisfied with what I got. If you still wanted to buy her, my advice is to put on some lotion on her and warm her up before the action in a way that won't melt her. She's made of specific type of rubber, after all.

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  • | 2/8/2017

    Not as stimulating

    The actual halfbody is a bit smaller than it looks but its hips are nice to hold as you pound away. You can fit actual clothes on it if that's your fetish which is a nice plus. To me the biggest problem is that it's not as tight as I would have wanted, in particular the openings are pretty loose and actual stimulation requires you to go deep. This is a shame, it's to easy to penetrate and to little stimulation and I would say I'm above average in size also. It seems to be sturdy though and the bonestructure in it feels "real" when you bounce it on your lap and whatnot. Anal passage is no where as good as vaginal either.

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