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Real Body 3D Bone System Tsurupeta Hina Moegi

by SSI Japan
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Product Weight (without the package): approx. 7 kg
Product Dimensions: 470x280mm / Bust 59cm / Waist 51cm

Maker: SSI Japan
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User Reviews

3 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 2/5/2023

    Really something special if your looking for it

    I bought mine back in 2018 and she is still going strong today in 2023, i cant say i break her out more than once or twice a month but shes really big and fun to play with, you can do many positions with her but sometimes it helps to put a pillow under her for support. i love this product and only downside is cleaning something of this size and i recomend a pump without sharp edges to pump water with and you flush her a few times and use a dry stick + pad her down with some powder and she will last you a long time (maintenance is key to long life)

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  • | 1/3/2023

    Really good but skin layer is especially delicate

    The torso holes itself is really, really good and pleasurable but the outer skin is very delicate. It tore itself multiple times after 2-3 uses and now I'm left with many deep cuts and pockets that can trap water when cleaning. Other than that it's one of the best purchases I've made thus far.

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  • | 12/31/2020

    Huggable, fuckable, loli torso!

    I took the leap and bought this during a store-wide sale because it seemed to have the best looking body shape in my mind (nice flat chest) as well as being pretty reasonably priced as far as torsos seem to go. Maybe there are better torsos out there but for me this one is the best! The size and weight is very lifelike and the internal bone system gives the torso structure that makes for easy handling and positioning. I can't imagine getting a torso that's completely limp and bendy. PLUS! The bone system gives some nice resistance when embracing it. It's a pretty satisfying thing to hug and I've been keeping it in a t-shirt in my bed at night as a more realistic replacement for a dakimakura (also the shirt helps keep the skin clean). Plus because it's life-sized it's kinda hard to put away anywhere unless you got space in your room for the box which is bigger than it needs to be to provide space for the padding it comes shipped with. The chest is really nice with small squeezable boobs and nicely shaped nipples that are fun to fiddle with. I find myself just absentmindedly rubbing the chest because it feels good. The holes are great with a bit of a “pop” at the end of the vaginal tunnel which I think is the uterus. The anal hole is especially nice and I think I might prefer it to the vaginal one as it seems to have more definition in the texturing. Side note: For additional realism I tried buying an electric blanket to wrap it in so that it's not so cold but either the blanket I got doesn't get warm enough or there's just so much mass that it has trouble getting up to temperature. Maybe submerging in hot water would be more effective but then you'd wash away the talc powder that you should apply to keep the skin nice and smooth. If they could come up with an accessory or internal system that was effective in heating these torsos to body temperature I'd buy it in a second. Oh speaking of the skin you WILL want to keep it well powdered. Otherwise the material tends to sorta cling to skin and so you get this sorta grab-release-grab-release vibratory effect when you rub your hand across the surface which is real weird. It's a lot of surface area too so you'll actually wanna use a lot of powder. More than you might think at first. My method is to pour some powder into a cotton cloth or a clean sock and tie off the opening and then just dab at the skin with the pouch. The powder will sift through the cloth and give you a nice way to control where and how much powder you're applying. My only complaint is that I kinda wish the holes were connected inside so that it would be easier to clean (push water in one hole to flush out the other). The holes are tight which is very nice but means getting it sufficiently clean requires some effort (i ended up buying a soft sponge-headed bottle brush that i lather up with soap and scrub the insides with). Because this is such a hassle I just bought a bulk box of condoms and I use those and occasionally refresh the holes with lube. I take it to the bathroom for cleaning maybe once a week and use wet-wipes for cleaning the skin around the holes between sessions. I've been using it a few times a week for the past month and it's holding up really well. No tearing around the holes or any noticeable loss in tightness. The only issue so far is that there's a small separation on the seam above the butt on one side so I'm keeping an eye on it and hoping it doesn't expand much further. Overall I'm VERY satisfied with my purchase and would definitely drop the money for another if it ever needs to be replaced. Pros: - Sturdy internals make handling easy and embracing satisfying. - Nicely shaped body adds visual and tactile realism (especially the chest) - Weighty but in a good way. - Nice soft, tight, and well textured holes Cons: - Skin needs ample powder to keep from clinging to skin when touching - Hard to clean - Packaging bigger than it needs to be which makes storing and stowing away in-package a hassle - skin separation risk on the seam above the butt.

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