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Real Ene Orga

Rotor by Tama Toys
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Product Type: Rotor

powerful Vibrator that can be used for Vaginal and Anal play

The Real Ene Orga is a very powerful love toy. It can be used for vagina and anal play alike and comes with a lot of features. Made by Tama Toys Japan, we have an absolute high quality product here. Coated by elastic and skin friendly silicone, the Real Ene Orga comes with ten different patterns that can be adjusted via the attached remote control. Enjoy the Real Ene Orga alone or with a partner and enjoy the ecstasy it creates.

The Real Ene Orga by Tama Toys features
  • powerful Vibrator/Rotor
  • can be used for Vaginal and Anal play
  • comes with 10 different vibration patterns
  • attached remote control
  • weight about 162 Grams
  • battery powered


3 Customer Reviews for Real Ene Orga

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by weebKitsune August 24, 2019
Pricey but worth it

To those who are new to sticking vibrators in their asses, go buy this item.

Powerful vibrator that will make you emit sounds of bliss quite a lot. It really opens the eyes of those new to anal prostate play. You will realize just how much better prostate orgasms are.

Downsides are that it can't make you orgasm by itself. It feels great when it hits the right spot, but it won't do that by itself. Using it for extended periods of time drains the batteries quite quickly, and make the vibrations weaker, then even negligible. Can desensitize your ass after orgasm.

Great eye opener toy, but not the ideal for hands free orgasms.

by A January 17, 2019
Quite pricy; better alternatives can be bought on amazon

Looking at the top review, I thought the vibrations were going to be super strong. Turns out, it is just the same as one of the cordless plugs they sell on amazon from $15 (at least from when I bought it).
The pros of having a corded one is you can control it without fiddling around in the rear, but when it comes to cleaning you have to be careful to not get water on the remote or pull the cord too hard.

Maybe I'm just a non-responder, but I think vibrations need to be somewhat stronger.
Also, these come with 3 triple A batteries.

by Jammy September 17, 2018
Prostate Heaven

This is without a doubt the best thing I've bought from Otonajp. I was very unwelcoming of things going into me ass but I thought, you never know if you never try. I tried, now I'm hooked.

This is a powerful prostate toy that can take you from 0 to 100 very quickly. Whenever I'm having a bit of trouble I use this and I always orgasm using it.

To all guys who aren't into butt stuff but haven't tried it, give this a go. It will change your life. 10/10

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