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Gokusai Uterus X

Onahole by Magic Eyes
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Maker Magic EyesSimulation VaginalFantasy UterusHole Design Closed Hole TypeMaterial Construction Triple LayerUsability ReusableMaterial Firmness RegularNumber of Holes 1Product Weight 480g (1.06lbs)Length/Height 150mm (5.91in)Width 85mm (3.35in)Lotion included Yes Release 2017Product Type Onahole

There are few Uterus fetish male sex toys and Magic Eyes has come to change that. The Gokusai Uterus X onahole is another stunning male masturbator by the good Magic Eyes people. It is made by their own unique Love Rubber material, which feels very realistic and soft. On the inside you have a dual layer structure which gets tighter and tighter towards the end where the Uterus part is awaiting you. Often onaholes that are tight are not comfortable to use but the Gokusai Uterus Xonahole is managing in a fantastic way to stimulate you so intense while not ripping of your Dick. Surely the experience you have with the Gokusai Uterus X is not easily comparable with other onaholes. A must have from Magic Eyes. For use with this onahole we recommend a thicker lotion.

The name and package design has changed for this item. Our website shows the most recent box art. The design on the onahole itself has not changed from the original Gokusai Uterus - Little Red Riding Hood.

User Reviews

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  • | 3/29/2024

    A bit fragile but overall decent

    It's easy to miss the uterus part, making you thrust to the sides of it and tearing the inner material a bit. Not enough to make a through hole, but an inner tear none the less. The uterus part doesn't have any texture to it so it doesn't add much to the experience aside suction. 3,5/5 overall.

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  • | 1/20/2024

    A very tight and firm onahole

    I’m going to have a great relationship with my new friend

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  • | 8/29/2023

    Like nothing you've felt before

    The uterus gimmick is pretty nice, if you can get in it feels like you're getting a bj while you're thrusting, definitely a sensation that's nearly impossible to replicate with a real partner. First time it happened I kinda lost sense of everything else. That said, the uterus itself is very mushy and if you don't hit it just right it just kinda folds over. The rest of the canal feels great so uterus or not you'll be in for a good ride. Nice and soft you don't have to worry about this being so aggressive. Cleaning is a bother because of the uterus, just a lot of nooks to watch out for and drying is a concern too, definitely need a dry stick to keep this clean. This one tore at the entrance on my first use but the tear hasn't progressed after multiple uses (I've had it for about two months as of writing). One of my faves in my collection. Definitely worth the price. If you're curious, don't worry, you won't regret it.

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  • | 4/30/2023

    if you had to get onehole get this one

    This hole is honestly just a amazing hole all around. it is incredible durable and has lasted me a long time and has kept me using it over and over again. the way the opening is square shape makes maintenance alot easier. And even after easily a hundred uses it still feel nice and tight highly recommend.

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  • | 4/28/2023

    Very tight and compact

    The toy is hard as the name says, so if you're aren't into hard toys this will be a bit too much for you, but it could be a start into hard toys too if you use the right lube like a thick one and not a light/silky because it will destroy your lower head, the sensation feel pretty realistic, but with the fact that is harder than the real thing maybe the soft version would but I don't know, this one is definitely stimulating!

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  • | 11/20/2022

    Pretty Alright

    Magic Eyes is typically a pretty good choice. This onahole is pretty good, the only issue I had is the extra soft uterus area is not super noticeable during use, you tend to go around it and not into it and its so soft it doesn't really do anything other than be difficult to fully clean when you are done. The art is a little misleading because it almost implies a prolapse feature but that is completely infeasible because you would fully tear the onahole.

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  • | 11/7/2021


    I am somewhat disappointed, I like the gimmick, but only if its feasible. the duo version will atleast let me try the fetish. Have you ever try to hold onto a wet bar of soap? Slippery mofo Same feeling with trying to enter the uterus in this, takes skill and concentration.

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  • | 9/6/2021

    Not as good as I was expecting

    Honestly, I was expecting more. When you buy a toy from Japan, you kinda expect a marked improvement compared to the cheap stuff you get from cheap Chinese sites like AE. Don't misunderstand: there's nothing *wrong* with it as such. It doesn't fall apart (yet!), it doesn't stink, it's fine. But that's all. It's just okay. And I was expecting more than "just okay". The uterus bit at the end is alright, but I bought one for half this price from China and that has a uterus too. I was expecting more sensation. Also more tightness. I'm above average length and girth, and it didn't really "grip" me. The suction was good, but the insides of the toy didn't really stimulate.

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  • | 8/31/2021

    Ridiculously high quality

    All around this is fantastic, far surpassing what I expected. Absolutely worth the price. It's pretty huge, like the largest non hip-type I've seen. It's got some mass but light for the size, and the inside is insanely detailed. It is on the looser and softer side, so keep that in mind. The uterus gimmick is nice, and the back half is partially see-through so you can see the deed somewhat. The only real issue is that it's really difficult to clean, but that's the sacrifice you have to make for how much is going on in there.

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  • | 6/29/2021

    Great overall but with limitations

    An all around great toy, but the uterus part is very limited use. After only four or five uses is was either ripped or too stretched to really be felt any more. It's still entirely serviceable and probably my favorite so far, but it's one selling point is too short-lived to be part of the recommendation.

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  • | 4/16/2021

    It isn't that much for a prolapse fetish lover

    To be honest, "A little bit disappointed" in terms of objective. Materials are indeed excellent and lightweight! I didn't dare to push out the uterus as the picture shows us. It's an ordinary good onahole! (And also cheap with this discount)

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  • | 12/31/2020

    Didn't expected much, got plenty!

    So I just bought it based on other people reviews, didn't expected a lot, but the tightness and suction it's amazing! Really great feeling, didn't had any problem so far in 2 months. Extremly annoying to clean, it takes 15-20m to clean and dry.. Suggested for everyone that enjoy tight onaholes.

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  • | 9/21/2020

    good onahole but uterus novelty is sorta useless

    Very good onahole all around. the shape of the lips are soft and realistic which really adds to the experience (some onaholes have very weird looking openings). The only problem is that the uterus is sorta incidental. I only got into it once by making sure lube only went into the uterus opening and not to the areas around it and the experience wasn't too memorable. Vast majority of the time when i tried to penetrate it would just deflect. on the other hand even if you can't get it in it acts as a sort of weird tongue-like structure that kinda moves around your tip so it's not all bad. i think the walls of the uterus opening need to be thicker to stay pointed forward in order for easier insertion. I've had it for about 2 months now and have used it for maybe 2/3rds of those days and while it still feels good it's starting to deteriorate. the two materials are separating inside and the entrance has ripped. I'm not sure how far i should let it go before disposing of it but i'd definitely buy it again in the future.

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  • | 8/20/2020

    One of the best material combinations

    So far had the best experience with this one! The soft exterior could even start around 2cm earlier. Only the big g-spot at the entrance is a little bothersome sicne otherwise this has the nicest feeling dipping in! You can grasp it nicely and it is not too heavy since the top half is lighter. Would hope to see more variations of this in the future. Perhaps paired with the material of the Kupa Trip Mattari Soft!

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  • | 4/17/2020

    Ok, I have bad luck

    TLDR: The cervix tore on first try, making this above average for me. If it didn't break, I could have probably enjoyed the full extent of pleasure. Long version: As many have said, this is a very gentle experience. Soft is the game. But as some have also said, that cervix can tear, and unfortunately for me, it tore on first use. I was and still sad that is the case, because I had high hopes, as having that chamber feels great, but being robbed of that novelty chamber wrapping around ---- kinda sucks.

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  • | 1/1/2020

    Unbeatable first time, limited lifespan

    The first time i used this, it was the best feeling I've ever gotten from a hole. the second time was amazing, and still retained that virgin tightness. the third time was great, and the fourth was decent. by the fifth, the problems were begining to arise. There are three problems with this product. 1) the hymen ring is intentionally basically a 1 time only deal, though I was surprised that a decent amount of resistance survived into the second use. I knew and understood that going in and still considered it worth the money. 2) Fragility in general - there is just too much else that is delicate on this onahole, and it gets damaged and loosened way too easily. 3) It is really hard to clean, which makes problem two worse. All that said, it is still a great toy while it lasts, the uterine horn provides a nice sensation, the first time is absolutely incredible, and the soft textures are very pleasant. Good weight to it, and when you manage to penetrate the portia it is a great feeling of accomplishment. Possibly a bit pricey for it's lifespan, but i consider it money well spent. Reccommended, but don't expect it to last through too much use

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  • | 12/17/2019


    Gread product but uterus is hard to fuck.

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  • | 3/10/2019

    Top notch product

    As the other reviews or not self explanatory. It is amazing product worth the money. U wont regret it.

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  • | 2/16/2019

    Best Onaholes Ever

    Before buying this I actually do some research for it , and yet it was great and satisfy me every each time I used :) I also have others uterus beside of this and this is the best I can say , its several structures and dual layer of it makes the sensation of you to the flying sky in no matter what position you making the love with it The durability of it also great , I bought this already half year ago and used around 10 times and it looks similar like first time I bought just some dust and few undetectable holes on its surface I can still remember the very first time I using was very thighs for me but now is moderate And last thing I want to say about is it really can completely replace my girlfriend just the oppai have to additional buy only I really recommend and will definitely buy again with this reasonable price ????

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  • | 12/2/2018

    Broke after first use

    This hole broke after my very first use of it. Managed to puncture a hole in it to the side. The whole uterus concept felt kinda meh. However, I might have gotten the short end of the stick, since this hole wasn't half bad.

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  • | 7/14/2018

    Suction Uterus loli heaven!

    I swear if you got the money and can afford this high end onahole, you seriously need to get it. It feels amazing and the suction part of the onahole really makes you pop fast. The texture is sweet, and the weight of the onahole is decent. The materials are high end, def Magic Eyes quality. It seriously needs to be in your collection.

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  • | 6/22/2018

    Feels amazing but a bit hard to maintain

    Magiceyes delivers, this one feels absolutely amazing. The dual textures and "womb" gimmick add a very subtle but distinct experience. Only drawback is maintenance is a bit difficult due to the nature of the material the end is made out of. Have to be careful when cleaning but still a great buy

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  • | 4/20/2018

    An interesting experience

    Special feature: Soft uterus at the end of the tunnel Cleaning: 0,5 ★ little cavities Durability: 1,5 ★ no changes after about 10 uses Feeling: 1,0 ★ nice special feature, tight but too soft, one big nub Extras: 0,5 ★ nice box print, high-quality boxing, lubricant included Sum: 3,5 ★ ★★★★☆ My opinion: When I touched the packaging the first time it reminded me of a box containing valuable wine. The haptics felt incrediblely nice. The packaging is very well designed. The front can be unfolded to display the onahole. The included lubricant is more fluent than another Magic Eyes lubricant I tried. The material the onahole is made of is really soft. The red material is even softer than the entrance material. This leads to a smooth caressing experience. My summary: Little too soft and flat for my taste but an interesting experience. My summing: ★★★★☆

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  • | 3/31/2018


    I wanted to try this one for quite some time. And I wasn't disappointed! I love almost everything about this onahole - the softness, the feeling it gives, the weight... It might be the most ideal one for me (especially with the gimmick like that), but the cleaning and drying part gets kinda annoying because of the uterus material. Don't get me wrong, it's not that hard, but that part stops me from using it very often. Overall - a really great product, not "must have", but definitely "must try". And it's from Magic Eyes - nothing can go wrong with these guys!

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  • | 3/23/2018


    A Magic eyes product, just say this. No no seriously it's a very very very good hole, the sensation is unbelievable. Just be carefoul when you wash it.

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  • | 3/11/2018

    Great bang for buck

    Magic eyes never fails, as this time they come with another great product. Both durable and made of quality material, a must have for anyone

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  • | 2/22/2018


    I heard the many rumors about this onahole for a while. And I worried about is this great choice for me to buy this one with this price. (Also about shipping method to my country lol) and... YES! I'll tell you why you must buy this one. I'm a new onahole users so I don't know about material neither but it's so soft but not too soft to handle. This onahole is suck me in gently, It's feel so good!!!!!! (I'd rather more grip but this is ok) Even this onahole has uterus, but I never penetrate it perhaps it's too small for me. The package is too good for the price! lol If you're the box collector or something. I suggest to collect the box too! Very great and beautiful. Inside there're 15 ml. lube and the main dishes! " Gokusai Uterus". A bit stink of material but not too much.

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  • | 2/8/2018

    It's good

    I've used this ona for a while now, and the stimulation is good. So far the durability is okay, the uterus split somewhat on the inside. Though I found this hasn't changed much of the feeling. It is also hard to dry around it, and takes extra time to make sure it is fully dry in that area. There is a small split also on the outside, but this is easily repairable with a soldering iron. So far the best part of it is the weight, the weight really adds to the experience and I've found it to be so much better than a lighter ona. Overall, it feels good and the weight is nice. Durability is okay and I've been using it for a few months at most. Cleaning it is a challenge at parts. I'd say buy it since the price is good, with the durability in mind.

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  • | 2/2/2018

    Durable and stimulating

    The fully realised "Uterus gimmick" works well with it's size (Medium) and weight and creates a great range of sensation. There really isn't much I have to say about this hole as I'm very satisfied with it- though I do need to state that some care is required since the uterus structure is fairly thin and might split if you're too rough with it, so careful cleaning is required. Another slight issue would be the water retention inside the deeper end of the onahole, which can be remedied by careful cleaning after use. Though I do have to echo one of the earlier reviewers: as a larger sized person I couldn't actually get into the uterus all that much. It's still stimulating since the outer walls are textured, and for this price it's well worth it.

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  • | 1/22/2018

    Interesting toy.

    This product has an interesting concept that piqued my interest. I must say that I was a little bit dissapointed. Maybe my hype was to great. The toy has soft texture, it's heavy and it feels nice. It seems to be of high quality that can withstand a lot of time. The last part of the inner structure was the one that piqued my interest from the beginning. Sadly it's nearly impossible to enter the portio and it also is the only part that consists of sensitive material that rips very easily. The cleaning is a pain. You must be very careful not to rip the portio. Also it's very difficult to dry that part. You can turn it inside out, but then the inner materials will start to tear off. Overall though, it's pretty good.

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  • | 1/2/2018

    Love it

    First Magic Eyes product and love it. Too bad it tore on first use in the inside, but still usable. I would say that it is one of the best I used so far.

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  • | 12/5/2017

    Nice try but not very practical

    I've been using this one for a while and tried many times to insert into the uterus part, which the cover suggests is possible, but let me be honest: it's very hard to aim in practice (but if you somehow get it right, it does feel great). You'd easily end up slipping into the hollow area around the uterus, which is alright but less satisfying. It might work better for some people, but definitely not everyone. Cleaning isn't easy because of the design. The uterus and the hollow part around it is just annoying to dry.

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  • | 10/30/2017

    Lolinco Virgo is still better

    – Durable – Simple clean – Moderate softness Sensation isn't as strong as "Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo" but Gokusai is much more durable and easier to clean. Only downside is that you may sometimes miss to hit the 'portio' hole. :)

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  • | 10/23/2017

    Something new, Something nice

    I bought this onahole in an order a long time ago. Seeing the word Uterus made me curious on whether it can satisfy me nicely. I have good faith in MagicEyes so I hoped for the best. And so, they delivered. When I first used it, it was a very nice and relaxing experience. Trying to hold myself off was a task but the pay off in the end was great. The feel of the material was great and personally, one of my favourite onaholes so far. For the cleaning though, it gets kinda messy because of the inner structure. Just take your time and you should get your onahole back to neat condition. Just remember however to not flip out the hole or it may cause damage due to the fragile nature of it. Otherwise, it's a great onahole and I would highly recommend.

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  • | 9/23/2017

    Good Price, Better Feelings

    Pros -An onahole with some weight to it. -2 Distinct sections offer a change in sensation as you go. -Uterus brings interesting suction into play Neutral -'Uterus' is thin and flimsy, Edges tore open -Actually felt better after tearing Cons -Dual structure is a pain to clean. Care is needed to avoid separation and tearing. -Recessed area around the uterus holds water like no-ones business. Serious drying effort. Verdict Absolutely top tier for its size range and price.

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  • | 9/3/2017

    My best for now

    very good feeling, but having a fairly large size, so that I do not really feel the "uterus"

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  • | 8/23/2017

    This is my best favorite onahole so far.

    Quality is top knot due to pirce. And it's absolutely no odor! Magic Eyes never make you disappointed.

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  • | 8/5/2017

    Great sensation at low cost

    Bought this in a batch with a couple of other onaholes - this is by far the best. There's a nice weight to it, the texture inside feels good and the 'uterus' at the top creates suction as you hit it. Absolutely one of the best onaholes in its price range.

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