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S Rank Momo Mocchi 2000

Hentai Onahole by PPP
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Product Type: Hentai Onahole, Hip Onahole

The successor of the famous Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000

The S Rank Momo Mocchi 2000 onahole is the long awaited successor of the Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000 by PPP. This Hip was and is a true landmark in the category of Big Hentai Onaholes and PPP has decided to even top this. Starting with an updated box design, this innocent Girl offers all you could wish for. As the previous model, the S Rank Momo Mocchi 2000 Hip male masturbator comes with two holes for penetration and weighs 2000 Grams, which also gave it the name addition 2000. While the original one was a single layer onahole, the S Rank Momo Mocchi 2000 has a dual layer structure inside which makes the sensation a lot more intense and real than it was before. The internals also have a firmness different to the one of the surface which nicely creates the feeling of being inside a real Girl, truly a scarily real experience. Last but not least has the S Rank Momo Mocchi 2000 a gel layer in her butt cheeks which makes them feel very nice to grab and here as well, a big improvement to the original one. If you are looking for a nice loli themed Hip onahole then for sure the S Rank Momo Mocchi 2000 male masturbator should be part of your collection.

The S Rank Momo Mocchi 2000 male sex toy by PPP features
  • High Quality Adult Toy from Japan
  • Big Lolita themed Hip masturbator
  • two holes for penetration - Vagina and Anal
  • dual layer material for high realism and gel on the inside to make the butt cheeks feel life like
  • weight of this onahole about 2000 Grams - measurements approx. 140x220x170mm
  • comes with a free pack of lube


5 Customer Reviews for S Rank Momo Mocchi 2000

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by Ggggggg May 20, 2020
Worth the price most try

This is a great product I've loved it definitely worth the price you should buy is a definite improvement over the previous generation however if your lager than average you will hit the end and push everything to the other side also the ass was a little saggy but not to bad, overall great toy.

by C March 12, 2020
(Not That Durable) Great Loli

Feels amazing, definitely the best hip I've ever tried. Really tight and weighty. The material is also so soft and smooth and pleasing to the touch (and the grip!), but that also makes it a little bit fragile. Also, if you have a big guy inside your pants, you'll probably poke a hole with its head.
Don't go too rough on it and you'll have a great time.

by Anon123 November 23, 2019
Feels great, but low durability.

Both holes feel great and unique! However, the durability of the ass cheeks are questionable. After its first use a hole from the anal hole opened up exposing the left ass cheek to air and water from cleaning the anal hole.

by Cr4zyDuck October 27, 2019
A sensational upgrade of the Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000 !

Owning the Puni Fuywa Mochi for a couple of years now, I was highly surpsied to see this new version coming out. The visual is as exciting as the first one with those tender thighs and that squishy ass and pussy. They actually took all the good things which made the success of the PFM 2000, and improved several parts to make this hip even more delightful to use.

First the material is so durable and smooth to the touch. I haven't got a single damage on mine despite using her a lot. For a perfect soft feeling, I recommend adding baby powder !
The soft gel in her ass is fantasic, groping her while pounding her pussy becomes a whole new level of pleasure. Also the new insides gives completly new sensations to your dick.

In the ass, there is not much patterns on her anal walls. However the material is super unique and is made to cling to your penis super tightly once you get inside. The red-like parts are quite special to describe, it is quite soft actually but the sensation is just perfect for anal sex since it is completly different thatn fucking her pussy slit.

In regards to the vagina, instead of red insides you are now greeted by cute pinkish pussy meat. Once again it's a huge update comparated to the first version. Inside, the pattern on her vaginal walls gives you pleanty of sensations to discover up to her womb which will sucks you dry due to the vacuum it will create. It feels like she is clinging to you, her leg crossed on your back, refusing to let go of your dick.

The only little thing they could have added it some bone structure, like pelvic or something to add even more realism.

But this is definitely an incredible product wort the price and the experience !
I own so many onahole and yet this one has become one of my favorite for my daily uses =)

by anon123 October 27, 2019
Awesome,cute. simply good

Slightly hard to handle as it is abit on the soft side. The curvature and details is simply cute and awesome. Provides an awesome simulation in both holes too.
However, RIP big members tho. But if you are really into loli, this is an awesome one.

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