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Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000

Hip Onahole by PPP
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Product Type: Hip Onahole

Large Hip male masturbator

Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000 is a massive 2kg dual hole hip onahole made of silky smooth material that feels lifelike in its texture. Featuring both vagina and anal tunnels, Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000 is designed to accommodate any size, as the tunnels are designed to go all the way through. This creates less stress and makes cleaning the onahole easier than ever. With doggy style in mind, Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000 can rest on a stable surface with ease. It even includes a sexy pair of panties and a large bottle of lube! This is one beautiful and sexy onahole. She'll be coming back to your ride over and over again. Made by PPP.

The Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000 onahole by PPP features
  • Large Hip male sex toy
  • two holes for penetration - Vagina and Anal
  • recreates sex with a young girl
  • onahole weight about 2000 Grams
  • onahole size approx. 220x170mm
  • comes with a sex pair of panties and a sample lotion pack


13 Customer Reviews for Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000

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by Chaoslord0 April 28, 2019
My experience

Been using for a few months now, for my first hip onahole its great. Some downsides is because of how it's made and how big it is, it can be hard to clean and a good amount of lube is needed. But overall it's a good product.

by BlueWolf April 22, 2019
A good hip for beginners and collectors

First of all, I love the design and shape of the toy, it's very appealing visually.
Both holes provide good stimulation and slightly different feelings, but I wish the tunnels (and the toy in general) were slightly longer so the tip of my penis head wouldn't come out on the other side (so if you are on the higher side of average penis lengths, it's bound to happen).
Also, be careful with the belly area so you don't make a hole in it, as it seems to be a more fragile spot.
The lube and panties are also a nice addition, reinforcing the package's value as a good buy for beginners.
Quite pleased with it, would buy again.

by Blucia February 20, 2019
Good Stuff

Free lube is nice
Free panty is useless
Onahole is solid quality (2Kg really makes a difference)
10/10 would buy again

by Luke February 2, 2019
Nice Onahole, but a bit off.

The onahole is great. It came on time and the packaging was good. The box has beautiful art on it, but the box is a bit sharp on the edges, I've cut myself twice on the box now. The box is also quite large, making it impractical for storage if you're trying to keep it hidden. The package comes with the onahole, a sized bottle of lube, and a pair of panties. The lube is a great addition but the panties are slightly large and fit very loosely over the hip. Now to the most important part, the hip. At first, I was a bit skeptical, but after experimenting with other poses than doggystyle, I fell in love with it. The hole is super stimulating, so much as to make me finish much earlier than usual. Nonetheless, there are some problems with this hip. The vagina hole connects to the anal hole at the end to funnel out the back. While this does make cleaning MUCH easier, it not only causes lube to leak out the back but since the end of the vagina is sloped heavily, you need to be carefui not to rip another hole in the back. The last problem I have has to do with the smell. The hole gives off a strong, rubber-like scent that somewhat lingers.

Tldr: Packaging is good but dangerous, comes with neat addons, hole is good for expiramenting but has a few problems.

by Hime September 29, 2018
Good hip

It's a good hip! It's surprisingly weighty at 2 kg and it really makes a difference compared to the normal handheld form factor. It's fun to hold and such, though its size makes it a bit harder to keep stealthily. The box is also a lot bigger than the thing itself and you'd probably also have a hard time keeping that hidden if you decide to hold onto it.

The product itself: definitely enjoyable and a step up from smaller ones! The weight keeps it in place on the edge of a desk if you're using it that way, and provides some very appreciable inertia if you're going at it just holding it with both hands. The ass is a good shape and it's nice to have more material to push up against. The sensation inside is pretty good—it's not groundbreaking or anything, but it doesn't have any real faults, either.

Some cons to justify the 4-stars: it's a dual-hole hip, but they both tend to feel more or less the same. Maybe thinner lube would improve that as the ridges and bumps are a bit small. Also to note, while the anal channel is straight and easy to use, the vaginal channel has a sharp turn in it (see the pics) such that you'll probably end up having to angle the entire hip to be able to enter straight. It's not an awful experience, just something to note.

It's in the specs, but the overall length is a bit short. Average sizes will definitely poke out the end at times, though I did have to really push into it to get to that point. The open end makes it easier to clean (I just run soapy water and then pass a paper towel through each channel once and it's done), but I found that it being there made it difficult to just go hard without worrying about stuff spilling out the other end. You should figure out your preference on that before getting this.

On the material: it's nice and soft to the touch, but it is a bit oily, with the legs/cheeks leaving visible greasy marks on surfaces. The usual washing/powder helps with this.

Finally, mine came with a small tear along the edge of the butt's entrance. It didn't ruin anything, but I would be careful around that area since the material is a bit thin.

Overall, it's a fun meaty 2 kg toy that will surely give a positive first impression of the hip form factor. The price isn't terribly prohibitive (mind the shipping, though), so go for it if you're on the fence!

by Ferret<3 January 30, 2018
No regrets from first experience.

Biggest gripe about this is that i had to haul this from the local postal office on foot. another would be storing/hiding the product box.The product itself isn't too big, most of the product box is air as the polystyrene holds the product.

i'm neutral on the panties and the lube. the panties are loose on the ona-hip and almost too tight for me (;-;). the lube i haven't tried; but theres enough to probably last me the year.... (tons of lube from onaholes; not burning through them fast enough).

the novelty on the "hip" style of this onahole really got me.
much like the others, the anal portion is better than the vaginal due to the contours inside. "doggy" would definitely be the prime way to use this onahole especially since the cut-off thighs provide great support. although both caverns aren't too long as my member often poked out from the other side. but the sensation was pleasant enough to be happy with the purchase.

by sh0tab0i January 17, 2018
Average but not worth trying.

Coming from a guy that buys alot of onahole, this particular onahole is not bad it is just disappointing for the price.

It’s heavy, recommend playing the “anal hole” as the Vagina hole does not feel satisfying.

I have no idea why there’s alot fo good reviews on this tbh. It is seriously not that good. Trust me.

Overall if you care about your money I rather you buy another large onahole than this.

7/10 Rate. Average.

by Max January 4, 2018
Extra weight feels fabulous


-The weight of the product gives a realistic feel of having a girl sitting on you, whether in sitting position or when lying down
-Shape and weight of this lets u simply rest it on your lap and effectively hands free
-Really tight with good ridges for the two different holes
- Open end on both sides makes it very easy to clean. Tight hole makes up for it being a double open end, and can feel the suction just from the tightness alone
-Material is soft and springy, grabbing and squeezing the butt feels great and it hasn't degraded after multiple uses in the last 4 months
-Big bottle of lotion which lasts very long
-Material doesn't catch dust or cloth lints at all

-Really huge and makes it hard to dry and keep
-The panties that came with it was too big, pretty disappointed
-Needs a microfiber cloth to clean the inside dry

Overall, a onahip very worth the money. Great sensation, multiple angles and positions, the weight which makes everything 10x better.

by marco antonio December 27, 2017

omg when it arrived in the mail, i was suprised at how big it was!!!! and then when i opened it, omgggggg, it was pure heaven, i love the box and its art, i really really recomend this hip , its great for begginers and pros who want something different. This is like the legal way to enjoy a loli , lol.

by Max November 8, 2017

Has a strong factory smell once you open it, but the hip itself is very nice. The panties are a lot bigger than the hip, but you can use it over your head. Really love the holes, but I'm afraid I might make a hole in the stomach. Really love this!

by Porifera October 14, 2017
I didn't even need porn

They helped me remove the box when I asked, so I have to say that their service is excellent. The product itself is great and it was also my first hip. The feeling is great in both the holes and they were tight enough. The extra pair of panties that came with the product was the icing on the cake, although the panties are bigger then the hip itself, you can easily use rubber bands to tighten the pantie around the hip. There are no visible flaws or defects that came with mine. The cleaning is super easy thanks to the flush hole, the drying is also easy if you have a hair dryer that blows cool air, as all you need to do is place the hair dryer directly on the flush hole and cover the other two holes in rotation for a few minutes till its dry.

by Bumi May 7, 2017
Pleasure in the eyes!

This was my first hip style onahole and oh my!
It was worth it! When I open the box, my eyes just fall in love of the way it looks. Panty that come with it is a pink with heart shape and ribbon is really cute. The feel of product is good with lotion that come with it, easy to clean.
At first it may smell like factory but when you wash it nicely and put baby powder on it, wheeew the feel in the hand is really good and smell nice too.
Highly recommend if you like loli-style hip!
Also the card that come from otonaJP that write "Thank you" with some candy in it was lovely.

by Brandon March 20, 2017
Excellent Quality Onahip with extra goodies!

This was the first onahip that I bought. When I first looked at the specifications of the hole, I thought it wouldn't be that big but man I was wrong. Getting a huge box with my hole inside which weighed a lot was something that really surprised me!

Now, to the product itself. Being a double hole masturbator, you have two holes to use and what surprised me even more was that both holes led to one hole at the end. This means that once you are done, you can easily open up the hole and let water run through and it will clean the mess that you have left behind. You can also plug the end hole to increase vacuum and to avoid any leftover mess from leaking out. The bumps in the holes were really satisfying and allowed for great stimulation. This onahip was originally designed for doggy-style but I was able to use it for numerous other positions as well. The material was very good quality, which made me touch and play around with it when being used.

For the other items in the box, there was a bottle of lotion and a pair of panty. The panty is decent quality and can be used on the onahip for a good play but I was really surprised at how much lotion was given. This was comparable to my 300mL bottle that I owned and was surprised at how much lotion was given.

This onahip is excellent quality. With so many qualities that make it shine, with the many uses for it, convenience when cleaning up and the extra goods, this product is something that I highly recommend.

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