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Shirikan Onahole

Onahole by A-One
Brand A-One
Simulation Anal
Fantasy Schoolgirl
Hole Design Closed Hole Type
Material Construction Double Layer
Usability Reusable
Material TPE
Material Firmness Regular
Number of Holes 1
Weight 173g / 0.38lbs
Length / Height 131mm / 5.16in
Lotion included Yes
Release Year 2016
Product Type Onahole
appx. 13.27
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User Reviews

13 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 1/29/2021

    Decent enough

    Shirikan is a nice low price onahole, however, you get what you pay for. The texture inside is great and has a almost natural feel to it, the onahole itself has thin spots you need to keep in mind though. Shirikan can stretch quite a bit to fit from average to slightly above average sizes, if you are a lucky man though, this ona might be a bit on the snug side and could possibly damage the toy itself. As I said at the start though, you get what you pay for, it is relatively sturdy but it can rip and tear just from normal use. Mine developed a hole on the side during a normal session, my little buddy just busted right though the thin spot. All and all, an alright toy for the price, though you may want to save up and get a better toy.

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  • | 1/14/2021

    Anal Vacuum

    Amazing stimulation for such a simple design, really tight as well! Recommended as a starter anal onahole and for daily use. Easy to clean too!

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  • | 4/28/2020

    Arte incrível

    Um brinquedo de um custo benefício acessível é sempre bem vindo pra uma coleção, ainda mais quando se coleciona as caixas, as artes deixam muito a desejar se você gosta de um onahole estimulante e não quer gastar muito vai com esse que você não irá se arrepender

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  • | 2/16/2020

    100% recommend

    One of my go-to's when I want a toy with minimal cleaning. It feels good, it's cheap, the box art is very sexy, and it's pretty easy to slip it into the hole.

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  • | 7/26/2019

    The onahole is on the smaller side but has a great feeling overall.

    Pretty Good onahole.

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  • | 7/8/2018

    very enjoyable

    very nice penetration very good price but it is on the smaller side of things still i 100% recomend this product

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  • | 4/28/2018

    Nothing special

    Feels pretty good for the price but nothing too special, box art is very nice though

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  • | 3/3/2018

    It's pretty small but ok

    Price wise on the onahole I can't complain. It's like 10cm long but it can stretch quite a bit. The entrance is very tiny so lubing and washing can be a pain and it tends to make noise during the 'session' (no silent fapping). It also has a strong factory smell to it even after a few washes. Unlike the other reviews I wouldn't recommend it if you already own other onaholes as there are better ones out there for just a little bit more money

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  • | 2/22/2018

    Cheap and awesome

    The material is neither too hard nor too soft. The inside textures are irresistible and with the tightness, it is just a work of art. Cleaning wise, the material is surprisingly stretchy and allows for easy rising and drying with a cloth. It is very for long term use

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  • | 12/27/2017

    anal heaven

    this is about the only way youll enjoy anal, without any worries, im an anal fanatic, and usually well... its a messy act... but this is awesome, feels great, super tight, and it gets the job done! plus you dont got to buy her dinner lol.

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  • | 12/18/2017

    Well worth the price, if not more

    When I first ordered this, I expected it to be much larger in terms of length and thinner in terms of width, so when my package arrived, I couldn't find it and thought I was missing an onahole. Looks can be deceiving. This, in comparison to the other 10-15 dollar onaholes I've bought, is the REAL deal. The material is not too hard nor too soft; feels really close to human flesh. At first, I thought the entrance hole (which is about the size of the pupil of an eye under normal light) would be impossible to get into, especially while using one hand. It turns out, the front of the onahole is large and stable enough for you to glide your glans around until you find the hole, without the whole thing flopping around. The interior is filled with tiny bumps that stimulate just the right parts of your junk from start to end, and makes you want to keep going afterwards. The sunction is also quite strong, all while being quiet. Cleaning wise, the material is surprisingly stretchy and allows for easy rising and drying with a cloth, without sticking onto your finger/cloth too much. I don't see this one breaking anytime soon, although definitely worth it to buy another one if you somehow manage to.

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  • | 9/22/2017


    This one is really good. I barely notice a dent in it after 3 months even though I turn it inside-out when cleaning.

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  • | 10/23/2016

    Cheap and Good

    This toy is my first onahole experience and it does magic to me. The material is neither too hard nor too soft, it is just nice for the interior stimulation to work. The tiny particle ribs are irresistible and with the tightness, it is just a work of art. Furthermore the size of the hole aids for a smoother session and also put you in ease if you are worry about lubricant from dripping out. Speaking of lubricant, this toy also only require little of it. The weight of the toy is also not too heavy and the size of the box makes it efficient for shipping and storage. Although after first 2 usage, i do notice a VERY SMALL tear on the ribs, the price of it justified for this negative conclusion. Overall, RECOMMENDED for anyone who wants to try :D

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