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La vie en ROSES Onahole

by Magic Eyes

The original List Price of the La vie en ROSES Onahole is: $66.32. With us, you save $30.01 (46%) on the original Manufacturers suggested Retail Price!

  • Maker: Magic Eyes


  • Available on otonaJP since: 2016 April 23
  • Product Weight (without the package): approx. 700 Grams
  • Product Dimensions: approx. 170x110x85mm


8 Customer Reviews for La vie en ROSES Onahole

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by Borja Moisés March 29, 2019
very good

+ Amazing artwork & box
+ Easy to clean
+ Awesome sensation
+ Delivered in a hard plastic box
+ Very good material
+ Good looking
+ Awesome price for a double hole onahole
+ Pinkish lips

by Angra July 5, 2018
I mean, 2 holes for the price of 1? Count me in!

And both feel great! It's not amazing but it's enough to make it worth the price. I've found that it does make some noise but otherwise, it's pretty great. Big and hefty with great molding by Magiceyes.

by Bun September 24, 2017
Very good stimulation but low durability

– Fair softness
– Strong stimulation

While not as good as "SUJIMAN KUPA LOLINCO VIRGO" I still recommend you try this one for fun. It's a bit fragile and may break easily but the stimulation is very interesting.

Durability: 3/5
Feeling: 5/5
Cleaning: 3/5

by Jake April 6, 2017
Heavy and Hard to Clean

It's heavier than normal onaholes, but it could be better if you like it that way.
It's also really hard to clean it all the way without proper tools.
The vagina and the anus is basically the same thing.
It's also pretty deep, like a grown up woman's vagina.

by Anon November 9, 2016
Soft and pleasurable

Very well made dual hole design with a very soft and stretchy material. Both entrances feel great although the material seems thin in a few areas. Love using this hole as my fluffer.

by XKC October 7, 2016
Great Buy

The whole thing feels amazing the only down side is the turn to right that is mold in to it but that's realism for you.

by Anonhole September 27, 2016
My Favourite hole so far, love it more than Lolinco

One of the most sensational and durable dual holes in the market. Also, my first anal hole and I have been addicted to anal ever since.

The anus is like the best combination of soft, tightness and sensation. Good God, it is something to put in your bucket list. All the goodness of fucking a boipussi without the gross feces or bleeding. Plus, it is affordable.

You can take my word for it as I have been testing vigorously for at least a month now.

Also, did you know that dicks and vaginas are censored in JAV but anuses are not? I downloaded a lot of anal titles on my first week. Still a bit disturbed with finding trannys among anal titles so don't say I didn't warn you.

by Magiceyeslover July 11, 2016
Pretty gosh darn good

If you are looking for price value and quality look no further. If you can get past that the gina area looks like firecracker victim this hole is awesome. The feeling is not to loose and if you want to tighten it up you just what what in the butt. This onahole has 2 holes, an anus and vaginal hole. Both are loose but have the right tightness to keep you plunging the cawk again and again. Now the only problem I have with the hole is the cosmetic look of it but hell.... who is going be looking at where their penis is trusting into 100% of the time.

Quality 4
Just right where you want it. Not too tight not too lose and quality AG+ material. Really easy to flush out and clean. The item is decently firm and doesn't try to slinky away from your dick.

Value 5
TWO MOTHER F#@KING HOLES for such a OUTSTANDING PRICE?!?! and both have a very good feeling (Brothers... trust me on this).

Price 5

Price and value are pretty much the same. For the price of 30ish dollars you get two superb holes priced around 15ish each. I will say this again... Trust me brothers this is a value quality buy for any magic eyes fan!!

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