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Mouth of Truth Ochobo Guchi mini

Blowjob Onahole by Magic Eyes
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Product Type: Blowjob Onahole

realistic lolita themed blowjob male masturbator

Thank God Magic Eyes has listened to us. Finally the ultimate Loli version of the Mouth of Truth series (which is probably the best blowjob onahole series in the world) has arrived. It brings all the advantages the originals have together with offering a much smaller and tighter mouth, pretty much as you would expect from a loli. The outside has the iconic little nose and those beautiful still untouched lips. The inside of the Mouth of Truth Ochobo Guchi mini onahole has ultra realistic feeling teeth and a cute little tongue. The throat has been modeled very life like and the dedper you push, the tighter it gets, building up a nice and strong vacuum, perfect for some loli deep throat action. We seriously rarely have been that excited about any product but the Mouth of Truth Ochobo Guchi mini is just the perfect loli version of the already "to good to be true" Mouth of Truth. For the even low price point, the Mouth of Truth Ochobo Guchi mini really is a no brainer for sure.

The Mouth of Truth Ochobo Guchi mini male sex toy by Magic Eyes features
  • genuine japanese adult toy
  • loli themed version of the famous Mouth of Truth blowjob onahole series
  • a tight and inexperienced mouth
  • perfect for deep throat
  • weight of this onahole about 240 Grams
  • size of this onahole approx. 130x66mm
  • small pouch of lube included


10 Customer Reviews for Mouth of Truth Ochobo Guchi mini

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by Ale March 16, 2020
pleasant experience

when talking about magic eyes I always surprise myself, and this small but high stimulating onahole could not be left out despite the size that for many is not poor even for me, the suction is magnificent could be hours and hours enjoying this toy

by Peter January 1, 2020
lovely loli mouth

Super good and exciting feeling. Haven't noticed any of the problems others have mentioned with odor or damage occuring, but I have nly had mine two months and have been very careful with it due to seeing those reviews. Teeth scraping can be a little intense once you have cum a couple of times. I do love the way the tongue bulges out against your hand grip as you push past it.

by KiteGX January 1, 2020
This onahole exceeded my expectations

I got this just because it was cheap. I've had it for a few months, here's my review:

This toy is very small, soft and lightweight but don't let that turn you away. I did not expect this to be a soft-type onahole. I avoided them like the plague. However, the softness of the skin felt hyper-realistic even when compared to the likes of the most popular and expensive onaholes. This one quickly grew on me. You do feel the teeth, in a realistic way. It doesn't hurt, they just caress the shaft, enough to provide stimulation instead of pain. the inside of the soft material is very high quality feels just like the inside of a real mouth. The tongue is above-average, you can go under it, twirl it around you, and during normal use it can sometimes catch the body temperature and feel warm by itself for a short while. Usage is more about the tongue and the teeth than it is about the throat. The throat by itself is underwhelming, and the toy is not very deep but you'd never know because it stretches so easily.

To me, this is the easiest toy to clean so far. It only takes a moment, just use water and soap.

It's very small and easy to put away, you won't have a problem with it.

Without lube, the teeth could hurt you.

The toy is very durable, but don't abuse it. Lube, wash, and store correctly and it will last indefinitely.

Overall, the price is fair and I think it provides a lot of value. This is easily a must-have and the one onahole I'd recommend to a beginner. If mine ever breaks, I'd just get another one or would try a different one from the Mouth of Truth series.

Thanks for taking the time to read my review, I hope you found it helpful! :)

by pk October 25, 2019
tiny mouth of truth variation - worth the price!

this is an interesting variation on the established mouth of truth formula. i own all of the models, and this is definitely a version of the original model mixed with the soft version, and then shrunk down. i think the material is a bit soft and this mini version wouldve been better with the og material or the perorin material but this is still a very good onahole. if you are a bit bigger then its probably too small though ( i am 6'' for reference).

by Unit069 September 16, 2019
Excellent value

The feeling of the little teeth is incredible, a really good onahole. My only complain is that the outside gets dirty quite easily, but nothing a good wash can't solve.

by Jose July 1, 2019
Not bad but strong smell

Upon opening it the powerful aroma of some kind of rubber or plastic filled my nose. It was so overwhelming that the first time I cleaned/washed it I felt nausous. It looks small but it is very stretchable and as of yet there is no outer damage to mine but the smell, while weakened, still persist. While I enjoy the teeth scraping me they are seemingly held in place with flimsy rubber gums that make me fear the teeth will eventually fall off. The tongue doesn't do much for me pleasurewise but does make gripping it feel unique. Even though its my first blowjob onahile it seems like a basic blowjob onahole with teeth and a tongue. Its worth the price I paid compares to other onaholes I bought around the same price. Hopefully the smell will one day be completely gone the more I clean it and that the gums last or can be fixed if further damage occurs. Honestly the only thing that would stop me from ordering again is the smell.

by H June 23, 2019

I have this and the perorin, and both are wonderful. The tongue is a little farther inside which I like and it feels like the teeth have easier access to give you that scratching feeling that makes this so good. The inside also feels amazing - if you squeeze all the air out, the vacuum feeling enhances it even more. My only issue is that it seems a little more delicate, so mine is already tearing a bit on the outside. I can't imagine it will cause too much of an issue other than not being able to get that slight vacuum though. I would buy this again as well. The case is the same with perorin, that one is absolutely amazing.

by DenMental June 20, 2019
this blowjob Onahole will blow you away literally

For that prize and that feel and tightness this was a must buy for me and i wasnt disappointed. You only have to be careful if you have a large member in your pants. I am in the little more than average section and the MoT mini can stretch a bit so that wasnt a problem. I think you should not be too rough with it then you are good to go. For me this is even better than the Perorin or MoT classic which i both have already. If ou prefer a more rough session than you should use the other MoT preferably to avoid damaging this small one.

by DJ June 1, 2019
Friendship ended with Mouth of Truth Perorin...

... now Ochobo guchi mini is my best friend.

Overall excellent onahole at a great price. I used the original Mouth of Truth as well as the the Mouth of Truth Perorin and both were amazing (the perorin less so) so when I saw a new Mouth of Truth, I had to get it. It did not disappoint.

+Amazing sensation.If you've used the Original Mouth of Truth you'll know what to expect.

+Plesantly soft material

+cheap. At time of purchase it was $14.79. Otonajp's stated price after this will be $16.55. This is about $10-$8 dollars cheaper than what they sell the original Mouth of Truth and Perorin for.

-kinda short. Its good if you're about 5 inches (~12.7cm) like me or shorter but any longer than that and you might have issues stretching out the back.

by Gaijen May 15, 2019
Very nice, but some thoughts

Just received this in, and as a quick note before this review, I have a rather large and girthy member, even for a westerner.

Pros: feels great, tongue and teeth seem higher quality then previous mouth by magic eyes, less of a scraping feeling for sure.

Neutral: can see myself on all sides stretching this out, however it seems to be holding remarkably well, its intended to be stretchy it seems.

con: wish it was slightly longer and slightly wider just to alleviate my fears of the durability, but I think anyone with an average or less member will not feel this way, so as such i'm leaving my ratings as such.

Its relatively cheap, use it with the Hatsujo Saliva Lotion and its top quality as always from Magic Eyes.

I also recommend buying the Perorin mouth of truth with it as having both, they have unique benefits in feeling and its worth the prices.

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