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Sujiman Kupa Setsuna

School Girl Onahole by Magic Eyes
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Product Type: School Girl Onahole

Sailor themed Pocket Pussy

The Sujiman Kupa Setsuna is another of Magic Eyes popular Sujiman (came toe) onaholes. Setsuna, the girl on the box, is a horny young girl with an appealing deep-red vagina. As with all Magic Eyes toys, the materials that make up this onahole are high-quality and skin-like which means they're easy to clean and provide optimum stimulation for your penis. The entrance to this onahole is an aesthetically-pleasing red hole surrounded by the camel toe itself. Once inside, you're greeted by a series of ribs, bumps and a flesh-like texture throughout swirling walls that all lead to a climactic end chamber. Magic Eyes are masters at what they do with cutting-edge onahole designs and the Sujiman Kupa Setsuna here is no different. Take young Setsuna home and enjoy her camel toe and her intimate red hole again and again.

The Sujiman Kupa Setsuna Male Sex Toy Features:
  • High-Quality Hentai Onahole Made by Magic Eyes
  • Dual-layer, Closed-Hole Design With Winding Inner Tunnel
  • Lovely Camel Toe Themed Male Masturbator
  • Complimentary Pack Of Lubricant
  • Onahole Weight: 360 Grams / Dimensions: 150 x 120 x 84 mm


5 Customer Reviews for Sujiman Kupa Setsuna

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by JoeLikesJapan February 17, 2020
One of the best for the price

It's visually appealing during use, easy to clean, feels good, and won't hurt your wallet.

by BlueWolf April 22, 2019
One of Magic Eye's best offerings

Sestuna is an interesting onahole to get to try something different, as the inner structure provides pleasing sensations I had not gotten with other products so far.
The stimulation isn't too strong or weak, and even though I'm slightly above average when it comes to girth it didn't feel tight or rip, as the material is soft and malleable. It does make some pressure and try to push you out however.
I just wish it was a bit longer, as 12mm is a bit short even if your penis is of an average length.
Overall, it was a good purchase, and a good addition to the collection.

by Valentín April 15, 2018
Really cool for starters & experienced!

The onahole itself it's great! The urethra hole its a really cool adding with the "camel toe p####" . The box it's really cool and "Setuna" is really cute >.<
+It's soft and well if you're used or want more to feel every single part of the inner texture this is not youre onahole because its like a "meiki" (im not used to those)
+Just by opening the entrance gets you rocking hard xD
+It has an "Ag+" on a side, means that the texture (its double layered) has an special antibacterial properties ao you dont need talcum but just ans obviously cleaning it with soap every time to time
-Nothing for me V:

by Orange February 2, 2018
Innovative and reasonably priced

The guy before me has probably listed down in almost insane detail on why this thing works, so I'll attempt a more simple breakdown on why this hole is such a good product:

Size- This is slightly larger compared to the Roa and Rina holes, and is comparable to the wet meiki/monster series. It's still compact enough and accomodates larger sizes well.

Material- This is where it gets amazing: while the exterior material still remains in line with their Roa/Rina holes, the inner material offers a vastly different range of sensations owing to it's complex tunnel structure. While the material is comparatively more fragile, the suction and stimulation it offers is more "raw". Cleaning might need to be more careful due to the material as it might split under rough treatment, so please take note!

by Jerxx January 11, 2018
A good product with a very economical price

How is Sujiman Kupa Setsuna? It's good quality? Is it pleasant? How is it positioned compared to other holes in the Japanese market? Well, I will try to answer these questions in the best way within the next lines.

In the first place, it can be said that the box in which the onahole comes, although visually nice, is not very suitable for transport. That is, aesthetically it is designed in a creative way, being able to open the box from one side, to be able to see the girl that appears on the cover naked; however, inside there is no support that ensures that the onahole and the lubricant itself remains fixed, so during the trip the contents may be mistreated. However, except for that detail, the onahole box is pretty cool (and lewd) in terms of decoration, having both images of the girl protagonist of this version of Sujiman Kupa, which is Setsuna, as well as photos of the product per se.

Now, going to what matters most to us, the hole itself, this one has a size of 150x120x84mm, and weighs about 360 grams. It gives the appearance of being more "plump" than other onahole I have had, but in reality the "useful" space, which corresponds to the "vaginal canal" of the toy, is not very extensive, nor is it very spacious. What I mean by this, is that, because it has a small urethral duct in its design (which is quite tiny), externally the onahole looks bigger, but it is not so at the time of use. Also, although it is narrow, as expected of a product belonging to the series "open my pussy", it does not compare to the level of Virgin Age Admission Hard, and does not possess the stimulating reliefs of Daisuki Hold, so it is a little disappointing in terms of the level of pleasure it delivers.

The material with which it is made is of good quality. It is soft and flexible, allowing it to adapt to people with bigger than average penises (but not that much, as it is still a small onahole, do not forget it). It is made with double layer, so the product is very resistant (insofar as the outer layer is broken, the inner layer will remain intact, extending the useful life of the hole), its interior being rougher, in order to provide greater stimulation. However, although its design, having a hole for the vagina and another for the urethra, generate some interesting "realism" with which other onaholes do not count, the structure hinders the process of cleaning and drying it. With Daisuki Hold, for example, the cleaning process is simple, because despite its two layers, the interior is linear and the fingers easily enter, besides being quite extendable if one looks for to wash it thoroughly (you can even turn the onahole, and remove its inner layer to clean it). With this onahole, it becomes difficult to cover all its parts quickly, requiring greater care and effort when extracting fluids and cleaning your holes with soap.

In short, Sujiman Kupa Setsuna is an onahole that fulfills its function in a reasonable way. It gives pleasure to the user thanks to the narrowness of its hole, and is made of quality material, which guarantees that it will have a long duration in terms of its use. However, there are better onahole at prices perhaps a little higher, that will allow you to reach a more optimal orgasm, and in general, a more memorable experience. In any case, I recommend this onahole for those who want to spend little but still get a product that does not break after a few uses. Actually, mine still feels okay even after several months, so in that regard have no fear that the product it's indeed of good quality, with a great life span, thanks to the materials used in the fabrication.

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