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Sujiman Kupa Roa Hard Edition

Onahole by Magic Eyes
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The Sujiman Kupa Roa Hard Edition onahole is the long awaited hard version of the original Sujiman Kupa Roa onahole from Magic Eyes. It combines the intense Virgin sex experience with a harder and firmer material. As the regular version, we have those young and innocent looking thick Vagina lips. Open them and we have a beautiful pink inside. The main stimulation with the Sujiman Kupa Roa Hard Edition onahole comes from a long tight tunnel with curves and ribs. At the end, we have a vacuum chamber with dots all over which are specially stimulating your glans while building up a strong vacuum which you can adjust by squeezing the onahole while moving it up and down. One of the best virgin male sex toys on the market.

Maker: Magic EyesSimulation: VaginalFantasy: VirginHole Design: Closed Hole TypeMaterial Construction: Double LayerUsability: ReusableMaterial Firmness: HardNumber of Holes: 1Product Weight: 285g (0.63lbs)Length/Height: 135mm (5.31in)Lotion included: Yes Release: 2015Product Type: Onahole
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User Reviews

11 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 1/20/2024

    Definitely a keeper

    Compact design, visually pleasing, stimulating entry, tight grip, amazing suction, and a little 'treat' at the end if you hit just right. Great for edging and endurance training. Easy to clean.

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  • | 4/30/2023


    the other Suijiman Kupa Roa holes that are softer are better but this is still a fine choice if you like harder materials.

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  • | 1/17/2023

    First onahole experience

    4/5 experience. Bought this last 2021 July, it lasted about... 6 months? The cameltoe design is the main feature. Kind of weird as the tunnel is a bit slanted? When it says Hard Edition, it definitely is as it has that firm hold on it when you grasp it. Never turn it inside out when cleaning. Drying must be done with absolute care due to it being a double layer. When Drying, the stick microfibre should be used instead of a hard diatomaceous stick, the diato. when moisture has been absorbed inside tends to stick and exert opposite force when taking it out causing for the insides to be pulled, possibility of ruining the doubled-layer, based on my experience so far.

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  • | 1/20/2022

    Great first onahole

    This was my first onahole, its easy to clean however a small part of the lip ripped when I first used it (thankfully it did not worsen subsequently). Stimulation was good but not too much, overall great onahole for beginners.

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  • | 5/3/2021

    Great, tight, bit smol

    This was a great onahole to use, I've had mine for quite a few months, use it occasionally, can't say there is any damage or tearing. Easy to clean, easy to use, lots of pleasure. Would say the only -1 on the quality is that it feels a tad bit small sometimes, but I wouldn't say this takes anything away from the ona at all, good quality solid purchase.

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  • | 3/16/2020

    big lips

    an onahole to use daily, the lips guarantee a high stimulation and the inner channel will bring you a surreal pleasure

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  • | 2/17/2020

    When it comes to small and convenient toys, it's up there.

    smaller than you'd think! Resists you a lot :)

    ... view more
  • | 8/18/2019

    My first Onahole

    I'll be honest and i'm not used to onaholes. I wanted to try one and I wanted one that would give me a lot of sensations. So I thought this one was interesting. Once I tried it, I liked how tight it was. But I was surprised by how short this was. Probably because I picked a virgin model... so those who have a long member, you might want to reconsider... Would definitely try another one but different... but this is good if you want it tight and have a good feeling. You might not last long, just saying. :P

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  • | 4/5/2019

    Not really "Hard", but good enough.

    I was looking for something firmer, but this seems to do the job well enough for me. I would actually consider this normal as far as firmness goes. Surprisingly durable for a dual layer hole. Only notable stimulation spots are the nub on the top at the beginning and ring at the end. This hole seems to rely heavily on suction to perform, so keep that in mind.

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  • | 8/5/2018

    One of the best

    Pros: Very very tight Excellent stimulation Cons: This is a high quality dual layer onahole. Once the inner layer starts to breakdown you should stop using it or replace it. I ignored the defects and continued using it. This resulted in some very mild injuries (mostly discomfort and being unable to perform for a few days while I healed up). With all that said, I still would purchase it again.

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  • | 4/20/2018

    A very good onahole

    Special feature: none Cleaning: 1,0 ★ no cavities Durability: 1,0 ★ minor changes after 10 uses (little rifts) Feeling: 1,75 ★ really firm material, tight, much ribs Extras: 0,5 ★ nice box print, lubricant included Sum: 4,25 ★ ★★★★☆ My opinion: The material of the onahole is smelly and oily at first. After some cleaning the oiliness turns to a light stickiness and the smell is lot better now, but still noticeable. The lube is way too thick for my taste. The inner layer of the onahole is not perfectly adherent to the outer material. If cleaned too roughly the inner layer will rip off the outer material. When drying the onahole's entrance has to be widened to not peel the inner layer out of the onahole. Through the outer labia and the suction generated by the little suction chamber at the end of the tunnel the onahole does not leak much lubricant. But especially because the suction the onahole can be very noisy. The tunnel has a curve that will constantly exert pressure and try to push everything out of it. Together with the ribs it feels great. My summary: A very good onahole, because of its firm material and the thoughtful form of the tunnel. My summing: ★★★★★

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