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Summer Grab Bag

Summer Grab Bag

by otonaJP
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Maker otonaJP

The Summer Grab Bag is full of cool gadgets and items. This awesome Bag delivers you random items worth around $200 in list price, saving you on average 50% comparing getting the items separately. But what can you expect to get? Your surprise box will come with Onaholes, Cups, Lubricants, Storage Bags as well as goodies such as USB Warmers, Scents, Pillow Covers and more cool Hentai Stuff. What you can be sure of is that every Summer Grab Bag will come with at least 120ml of lubricant and popular Onaholes as the main contents of this Bag. This is limited to 1 per customer and order, so grab yours while stock lasts.

Items are random and mainly contain Onaholes. Items can come without their original box.

User Reviews

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  • | 9/15/2023

    Great value for random goodies

    I'm new to buying random goodie bags like this so I didn't know what to expect but I'm not disappointed! Gave me an amazing selection of items from holes, the holes alone were worth the base price, scents, and a bottle of lotion. I'm not a fan of scents and some of the holes I may not have chosen to buy on my own but this lets me try new things and I don't regret this purchase.

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  • | 9/7/2023

    Great box for the money would buy again

    This is the first time iv bought something from otonajp and have been pleasently surprised with the whole experience. Firstly it arrived a day early so that's always a bonus, secondly I got 8 items (excluding the lub). One of the items was a scent that I wanted to try so lucky me. When more of these are released I'm definitely going to buy them and I recomend you do as well.

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  • | 8/30/2023

    Try or Try

    This option I think is the BEST for starters and continuous users, its exciting and fun; for Otonajp to come up with this idea, it sure does get us thinking on the many many different products that are out there that you would never have thought about. Ive had 3 surprise boxes within some time and mostly, each box would come with about half of the stuff being disappointing, BUT! the other half, and mainly 3 or 4 items of the 10 or so, would 100% make up for it. 3(or 4) of the 10 items, you will be using a lot, and they can last long, and they would add up to $100 anyways, might as well get another $100 worth of products for free to try other stuff; for some reason with my luck, I never seem to get any oral items. Good items would be: a good lube, and 2 really good holes that really opens your view in different feelings and experience. The other disappointing items, would be "never thought before to buy" small onaholes, sprays, dvd, and if really unlucky, a dildo, BUT!, i may not like them, does not mean you wont like them. In conclusion, its WORTH IT! and, just because you dont get to choose what you want, be prepared to expect the unexpected.

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