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Superb Fella 3

by A-One
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Blowjob male masturbator

This shy and sexy girl has striped naked in front of you, she sits trembling in anticipation as she opens her cute little mouth. A hint of drool leaks out as she's ready to give you one hell of a sloppy blowjob. The Superb Fella 3 onahole is all about the messy blowjob experience. The material is super soft and the tunnel excels at intense suction. Light textures simulate a real mouth such as ribbing along the roof and tighter areas towards the back of the throat. An unreal oral overload! The Superb Fella 3 onahole is made by A-One.

The Superb Fella 3 onahole by A-One features

  • Blowjob male sex toy
  • realistic modeled throat and oral area for the perfect blowjob
  • made by A-One
  • onahole weight about 265 Grams
  • onahole size approx. 90x193mm
  • comes with a small pack of lotion

Maker: A-OneProduct Type: 96
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User Reviews

3 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 8/27/2018

    VERY tight and hard, maybe too much...

    Being the first onahole I purchased, this one was a real bummer, at least from my experience. They say this is the best fellahole after the Mouth of Truth, however I found it very stimulating, maybe so much so, that it kind of hurt getting inside her. The hole gets tighter and HARDER the deeper you go, which made me feel numb and not enough pleasure, if even any. I think this does indeed resemble a realistic deepthroat, but maybe try something softer before trying this.

    ... view more
  • | 3/15/2018

    Great at sounds

    What can I say about this one? I heard from different sources that it is considered one of the best oral toys, if not the best. Maybe I got my hopes up because of this. After the item arrived, I gave it a shot. I'm deeply dissapointed. It was a disater. The ouside surface is soft at the first half, and the second half is harder. The inside is poor with minimal ridges and stimulation makers. So, once you enter, you don't feel anything. No stimulation what's so ever. The only positive things about this, is that once you go past the middle of the inside, the inner surface get's tighter and that it replicates the sounds of a deepthroat perfectly. Maybe it's great if you manage to get to the climax. Though with such emptiness in the inner structure, personally, I never managed to climax. For me, the king is clearly the ''La bocca della verita''.

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  • | 1/27/2018

    better than Superb Fella 5

    This is considered to be the best performing blowjob onahole on the market. its no surprise it is still being sold today despite being introduced and launched in 2012ish|2013ish. Don't expect this to be similar as other meiki onaholes experience because this tries its best to replicating a real human mouth rather than a female snatch. The inner textures are much more closer to imitating strong suction and and takes longer time to feel them than other meiki onaholes due to replicating a real human mouth rather than tightness of a female snatch. This toy is not meant for everyone as it takes some getting used to the strong suction coupled with its decently tight inner structure. Cleaning and maintenance is much more easier when compared to other meiki onaholes due to its decently looser structure. This is almost as tight as La Bocca Della Verita if not on par when comparing tightness level. It is possible to warm this up like a meiki onahole to enhance the experience. As i have very good experience with this toy while being as excellent as The Mouth of Truth (Normal and Soft Mouth Edition) in performance, better than Superb Fella 5.

    ... view more

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