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Supon CHU ! Smashing Forehand Momolin

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  • Available on otonaJP since: 2015 November 11
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4 Customer Reviews for Supon CHU ! Smashing Forehand Momolin

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by turbs December 30, 2018
Saved by its cost

This Onahole is one that I would not recommend to anyone who is a bit on the larger size. Not only is the material on the harder side, the middle section is much smaller than the rest of the Onahole. The lotion the Onahole comes with is also quite thin. This made using this hole somewhat unpleasant to me.
However, what ends up saving this hole from being terrible was the price. For its price, it isn't a bad hole. The lotion this hole comes with is also in a little bottle, allowing for multiple uses.
In other words, while it isn't the best hole out there, for the price, it is okay.

by Ona-san March 20, 2018
Very good Ona for the price

For the price the Ona is very good! It comes with a little bottle of lube and the Ona doesn't smell.
It's one of my first Onas and I have to say it's a bit tight for beginners. But it really feels amazing! It's also really easy to clean.

by Ryan November 24, 2017
Loved it

Portable and easy to clean. When your head gets to the third part, it feels godly. Well worth the price.

by Kris December 31, 2016
Nice for the price

This is a really good product even for the price! It doesn't ware out when you use it a lot or go to rough. Its also portable and easy to clean. This product is worth buying for.

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