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Taimanin Asagi 3 Onahole

Onahole by PPP
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Here's a special onahole from PPP based on the popular PC game and hentai anime series hentai anime series Taimanin. This isn't just a parody toy, it's an officially licensed product! Taimanin Asagi 3 Onahole is shaped like the series' main character Igawa Asagi. This sexy ninja onahole puts up a struggle with a purposely small opening to her tight narrow pussy. The inside is punishing and wraps around you like crazy! Recommended for fans of the series, or anyone who just wants to experience a sexy skin-tight ninja pussy onahole that offers one hell of a satisfying time!

Maker: PPPSimulation: VaginalFantasy: Anime / HentaiHole Design: Closed Hole TypeMaterial Construction: Single LayerUsability: ReusableMaterial Firmness: RegularNumber of Holes: 1Product Weight: 282g (0.62lbs)Length / Height: 130mm (5.12in)Width: 55mm (2.17in)Lotion included: Yes Release: Aug 24, 2015Product Type: Onahole
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User Reviews

7 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 10/17/2023

    Feels great but be careful

    This is a great onahole but it should be noted that the middle point can weaken faster if you don't use it with that curve in mind

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  • | 5/22/2022

    Taimainin once again

    Like most Taimanin products, this one is no exception to the small tight entrance. The weaves inside provide for a stimulating and interesting experience. I used the Asagi lube(more viscous) since this was the Asagi onahole, but i feel a less viscous lube would do this hole more justice. Aside from that plastic onahole smell, everything else was perfect, so much value for this onahole

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  • | 5/16/2020

    Stimulating but has weakness

    Look at the cross-section of the product. Do you see how the canal bends twice? Half of it seems to bend downwards, and the other half upwards. It creates at least one weak point (though I suspect two, given that there are two sharp "corners" in the canal). What happens is that the thickness between the outer layer and the inner wall at these sharp corners is not enough, causing wear-and-tear to occur faster in these zones. Mine has not developed a hole yet after 4 months but I can see the stretch marks and tears forming from the outside. On the question of how stimulating this product is, it is good and it does that job well. Reaching inside with a cleaning cloth is a bit harder due to the shape of the canal, but it's really not a big issue. No issues with smell.

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  • | 9/15/2019

    Good buy

    You need lube as the hole is quite small before you get it to mould around yo dick. The entrance's outer fanny flaps teared abit after multiple usage and my dong kept visably hitting the top of the onahole like it was going to rip through it during the fucking. Overall good buy asagi is a good vn / Chinese fornification cartoon too so it's a good keepsake to have displayed around the house

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  • | 7/31/2018

    Will buy again

    I picked this one up as an impulse purchase on my last trip to Japan. I'm very happy with it. It has a great sensation. Mine lasted a very long time but your mileage may vary. For me I could very easily flip it inside out to clean it. But it feels like it might tear if you do it.

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  • | 5/2/2018

    Good but it smells. 8/10

    Let me get this out of the way first, I am a huge Taimanin asagi fan and when I saw there was an officially licensed onahole by PPP I had to get it. It was a beautiful Sunday night, the kids were asleep, the wife was on a business trip, the Prius was waxed, and here I was anxiously holding my credit card hovering my mouse over the check out button. I closed my eyes and looked away as I clicked the mouse button on it. That's when I was developing a plan so I wouldn't get divorced and have a restraining order against my kids. The plan was that I would grab the package as soon as it delivered and tell my wife I was going away to have some beer with some friends. It didn't turn out this way, in fact I don't think it could've been any worse. It was the day that the package was about to arrive here in Isla Vista I had been tracking my item intensely for the past 11 hours so the kids wouldn't pick it up and see it. I knew the mail came at 3:10 PM and it was 3:09 PM that's when my wife comes running in with a terrified expression. "The dog got lose!" she cried. Immediately after that I hear the door bell ring followed by foot steps of young children yelling "is it for me?!" It's quick decision time now if I run for the dog then the kids will see the package and I'll get a divorce and a restraining order. If I run for the package I'll just get a divorce. As my great grandmother always used to say "some times 1 is greater than 2." I ran to the door and pickup the package and throw it into the Prius. I kick that baby into 2nd gear as I shout my dog's name out the window of my car. I hear barking in the distance so I follow it. I eventually see my dog chasing one of the neighbor hoods cats and I knew there was no stopping him unless I had something special. I remembered I had some beef jerky in the back seat I left when I went to work. I grab the beef jerky and start running to my dog shouting and waving the beef jerky in the air. The dog sees the beef jerky and grabs it out of my hand with his mouth that's when I threw him into the car and drove back to the house. I pretended like I was crying and said "honey I think I need to go to church after that one." She then rubs my back and says "it's ok dear." I leave in the Prius to go to the nearest 7/11 parking lot and that's when I whipped out the Taimanin Asagi 3 Onahole. Upon opening the package I smelled a familiar smell, anal creampie that has been left there for 3 weeks mixed with dog feces that had been oven cooked to 600 degrees Celsius mixed in a blender with a dose of athlete's foot. Smells just like my great grandmother's panties. After I investigated further past the putrid smell I came across a tiny packet of lube. The lube is your average 6/10 lube it isn't too slimy, isn't too watery it's lube. I go back to the onahole and notice something in particular. The design of the Taimanin suit thingy is on the onahole, good touch. That's when I stuck my dick in it and my god I felt so good I thought for a second my dick was about to fall off. The inside was about 7 inches which is longer than most onaholes I've used and the other end was closed which makes it harder to clean. This may sound bad, but 9/10 an onahole with the other end open sucks ass. One thing to note about this is it literally has a 2 mm hole but don't be fooled as I believe this onahole could probably fit a 2 inch wide dick. However, lube is absolutely necessary when using it. So overall I would've given this a 10/10 but that smell is just too bad so I'll give it an 8/10 thank god it goes away after a few washes though.

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  • | 6/27/2016


    Pleasure 9/10 but quality of the onahole is very poor it tore after third use and the smell of the material (before any use) is not pleasant at all like burned rubber. If not the quality it would be really nice because the pleasure i given was really nice.

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