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Tenga Egg Shiny

by Tenga
(appx. 6.16 )
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The easy Ona Cup Tenga Egg. Just open the Egg and enjoy your quick and easy fun where ever you are. Made by Tenga, the company behind countless innovative products. An original from Japan.

  • Available on otonaJP since: 2016 March 17
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3 Customer Reviews for Tenga Egg Shiny

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by Window June 25, 2018
Quite strong

I was pleased to receive a "hard gel" version, as I was not expecting that, I'm assuming it will last longer. It comes with a small packet of the Tenga Egg lotion.
The combination of the waves and the large grooved nubs is very strong, I enjoyed this one very much. Overall pleased.

by yuko January 4, 2018
Best tenga egg within the series!

Having tried the wavy egg at first, it seemed good for the price but became dull fairly quickly. However, I happened to see a deal for the shiny egg and picked one up. It was alot better then the wavy, as the inner structure consisted of nubs that added great feelings to the egg.

But, while better then the wavy, like all of the eggs, it is not meant for long term use. However, with careful use and proper handling i managed to make my shiny last a whole 2 months!

The biggest issue with all tenga eggs, outside of their fragility, is that if you do reuse them. They get stretched out and start to lose feeling.

But at $5-9 its hardly a investment, and if you dont want to drop 20-30 bucks for a hole on your first experience, TENGA has it covered for cheap but good products.

by Nezzi January 16, 2017
Mixed feels

About these lines of products, onacaps, the most jarring reason we avoid buying them is because they're designed to be one-time usage. If you are wondering if you can still try to reuse it, I would gravitate towards the answer no not really; the cute egg suffers stretches from the first use so please give it some mercy.
The points that will see the light of recommendation would be that it actually does feel pleasantly similar to masturabating with the hand due to its thinness. Y'know how sometimes you miss masturbating with the hand but still enjoy the sensations of an onahole? This might be your jam. Might.
I think you would like to keep in mind that I received this product in a bundle, so I didn't buy it on purpose. Still, thought I should let y'all know. Pinch of salt you hear? About the rating though, they don't really mean anything since this is a one-time use. Not amazingly economical but not a complete waste of money. It wasn't bad. It really wasn't. I wonder if I should pick up the onacap from the trashcan for one more...

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