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by Tenga
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Maker Tenga

Available on otonaJP since: 2016 July 20
Product Weight (without the package): -
Product Dimensions: approx. 80x70x180mm

User Reviews

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  • | 5/2/2022

    Bit too long for me

    The updated design of the Tenga Flip, this time its hinged by the entrance way instead of the end. This and the curved end way makes it closing more secure and stop leaks better. Design wise compared to the original Flip is more slim and rounded compared to just being a cylinder of the original. The rounded end makes it much nicer to hold, there is also a small padded tip allowing u to rest the end on a wall for instance while you pound away. The suction gimmick is back, allowing you to press and apply pressure to different point of the shaft, its also a very spacious toy with the gimmick allowing to stretch to fit the well endowed. As for someone like me who is much smaller, I really have to push to really get to the end bits. I do prefer the harder black version of the Black as the materials feeling stand out more for me, the regular white version kind of makes the textures blend too much together and it ends up feeling too samey. Once again it is really easy to clean, being able to open up the toy to flush everything out, It is also much easier to slide in the clasp this time and comes with a very neat clear plastic case for storage and maybe display. A product built to last, if you are interested in trying out Tenga's Flip series the Zero is a much appreciated improvement to the original's design. If you are looking for more spice I would recommend the Black variants any time.

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  • | 10/10/2021

    Great toy for BJ lovers

    The first thing I feel I should say is that this toy IS NOT for a quick wank. It's not tight or overly stimulating like some other toys, so you should look elsewhere for something of this fashion. This toy is great for slow wanks that resemble BJ's the most IMO, with a slight increase in stimulation at the end of the tunnel. You can also easily squeeze the toy to comfortably change the level of suction. My other suction toys require a bit more effort to get a full vacuum compared to this. I also love how cleanable the toy is. Instead of having to flush the inside out with water, or turn it inside out, you can just *FLIP* it open (it's in the name!) and just water it down like that, and then dry it using the built in rack. This is probably one of the easiest to maintain toys I've laid eyes on. A big bonus is that this doesn't look like a sex toy at all (Someone even said it looks like a Bluetooth speaker on another review loool), so you can leave it out to dry without making it awkward for others. Only real issue for me personally, is that I like my piece being completely destroyed, so this seems a bit mellow, and also the price. It's a great toy but I can't justify the price, but I guess it's worth it for some people for the brand name and honestly quite great design that you can't find anywhere else other than with tenga.

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  • | 9/25/2020

    Just buy it.

    Feels great, easy to handle , no leaks, cleaning was a breeze A+

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  • | 4/16/2018

    Great quality

    Amazing sensation from the bumps, its super easy to clean and is durable, i got one three months ago and its still as good as on day 1.

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  • | 11/14/2017

    decent quality outstanding design

    This is the best sleeve design i have ever seen from tenga. It is very sleek, discreet, futuristic in design when compared to both black and white flipholes i used to owned. The sensation and feeling is much better in depth when compared to previous tenga fliphole sleeves. All the major bumps and ridges can be felt intensively as they are more pronounced to previous tenga fliphole sleeves. The sleeve material is still as firm as previous tenga fliphole sleeves thanks to their excellent quality control of silicone. The plastic shell of the sleeve is weaker due to thinner lesser material being used when manufacturing this toy. The original black and white fliphole are made with much more durable plastic shell which lasts longer.

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  • | 8/20/2016

    love it

    Quality is great for this product , includes 2 sample lubes at the base of product and i can see it lasting a very long time . However for something close to 10000 yen i felt tenga should of included a few more samples of lube like they did with there flip hole black silver or red range.

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  • | 8/11/2016

    Awesome piece of Art !

    This is really one of the best masturbators i have used. The quality is even better than what i know from Tenga and it is super easy to clean. Have used it around 12 times now and still the material is as firm as on the first day, so durability should not be an issue here. A total recommendation from me.

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