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The Cottontail Experience

Onahole by otonaJP
Maker otonaJP
Fantasy E-girl
Hole Design Open Hole Type
Material Construction Single Layer
Usability Reusable
Material Firmness Regular
Number of Holes 1
Product Weight 570g / 1.26lbs
Length/Height 170mm / 6.69in
Width 110mm / 4.33in
Lotion included Yes
Release Feb 25, 2023
Product Type Onahole
Cottontail and otonaJP have teamed up for one of the most EPIC collaborations in History. The Cottontail Experience!

"This bunnygirl is more ready than ever to have her insides pounded by you. Use her however you’d like, her favourite position would be bouncing down on your member with her thick ass and tight pussy, enjoying every last inch of you. She can go as many times as you’d like, and gets hornier with each climax. As everyone knows, rabbits love to breed, and her favourite thing is getting filled with your hot cream. You wouldn’t want to disappoint, would you?"
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User Reviews

17 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 3/11/2023

    Disappointing design

    The material is great and the texture inside is great, but the entire design slopes AWAY from the hole for some reason. With it being so tight, this just causes you to slide across it instead of going inside. It's very difficult to get into. I'm not sure if the anus is supposed to be penetrable. Mine has the thinnest membrane closing it which makes me think not. It also was about half an inch above the crinkles that I assume are supposed to be the anus... Overall, the material is good, the inside texture is good, but the shape and design are severely lacking. Makes it feel like it was made only for the promotion and not to actually be functional.

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  • | 3/9/2023

    It felt really good to use

    I had bought the toy because of cottontail promoting it and it was worth the price in my opinion. The material is very soft and it feels good when you use it. It’s super tight too! It could take a little bit to shove you dick inside of it but if you make sure that you are properly lubed up it will be relatively easy! It does however sometimes make the dick go fully through the hole meant for easy clean up. But overall it is a very good product and I would 10/10 buy another cottontail product if she decides to make another one

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  • | 3/9/2023

    Pretty disappointing

    The material is pretty great and soft and this is just about the only positives I can give it unfortunately. Insertion can be tough for anyone with an average sized penis but still pretty comfy when you actually get inside. Still it's clear this was designed for smaller penises so keep that into consideration if you want one. The holes used to leave the air out (and to clean later) easily get completely closed after penetration making it hard to actually move. Again, this may vary depending on penis shape and size. If this ever get revised, making the holes slightly larger would help a lot, maybe move the air/cleaning holes to the back as well. As it is, I don't see me ever using it for anything other than a paperweight.

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  • | 3/8/2023

    Bought Cause of Cottontail

    Mainly got it cause I enjoy cottontailva, but the holes are too small and they’re not long enough for an normal size dick. Fete’s was much better, but they discontinued hers which sucks. I wouldn’t recommend this one.

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  • | 3/8/2023

    Very Small and Tight

    When you look at it you'd think 'I can fit in here no problem' but the entrances are incredibly tight and it took 2 hands to get inside (I had to thumb myself in when full mast). Also thanks to the hole at the back if you are above average you will come right out the back. It feels fantastic despite this but expect a mess coming out the back when you use it.

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  • | 3/5/2023

    Not bad, not great

    At first glance it looks very nice, solid cheeks and a good feel and grip to hold. The issues arise when it comes to insertion. Both holes are ridiculously small, which may be an appeal to some, but you are either going in diamond hard or not at all. Additionally, despite it being listed as 6.69 inches, the internals do not accommodate 6 well. If you're not careful, thanks to the open hole design, you may also be left with a surprise in your lap when you're finished. That said, the texture of the inside is amazing. It is extremely tight as you enter and it opens up as you move further in. Definitely lips that grip and good for head play. Cleanup is easy thanks to the open hole design. Durability is questionable as after only 2 uses I notice tearing around the anal hole despite only using the vaginal one, but this is not surprising with dual hole onas. Overall would not purchase again, but definitely interesting.

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  • | 2/21/2023

    I better not regret this

    I've never spent this much on a sex toy before it better be worth it

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  • | 2/20/2023


    I knew when Cotton posted that she was doing this merch that I would have to pick one up. After actually getting it I can say it was 100% worth it.

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  • | 2/18/2023

    Bigger & smaller than expected

    It's a handful of material, and I thought the holes were a small at first glance but it wasn't an issue. The hole at end / bottom makes clean-up super easy.

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  • | 2/13/2023

    Been waiting for some time

    I like listening to her and now i can even feel her

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  • | 2/11/2023

    Looking forward to it

    This woman can make me cum with just her words, can't wait to get a hands-on experience!

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  • | 2/11/2023

    Something I didnt knew I needed

    Cotton is quite charming and funny, and hearing that THIS exist is actually hilarious to a point where I actually bought it. Cant say that I will regret it :D

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  • | 2/3/2023

    Well had to cave at some point

    CottonTail has been a fave for a while now, and well when i saw this announced i figured i'd go all in

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  • | 2/2/2023

    I regret nothing

    Saw this get announced and said "Eff it, why not?". Looking forward to getting it

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  • | 2/2/2023

    Oooohh yeahh

    Been waiting for this for a while, gonna snatch this up with a swiftness.

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  • | 2/1/2023

    Been waiting for this one to cum out

    yoinked that thing quicker than you dad could pull out

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