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The finest Lady Potential

Hentai Onahole by Hot Powers
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Product Type: Hentai Onahole

Japanese Hentai male masturbator

Hot Powers was definitely not wrong by choosing the name for this onahole. The finest Lady Potential onahole has indeed a lot of potenatial (to suck you dry as the desert). Its weight of about 400 Grams feels very solid, the best way to describe The finest Lady Potential onahole would be as meaty. Add some medium thick lube to it and enjoy the ride. The tunnel has those big twisted spines in it, it feels like your dick is getting sucked in a deep hole while there is a firm grip on your best part at the same time. Getting in deeper, we have spirals which are intensifying the stimulation even further. On the outside, we have some ribs that are making it really easy to hold onto the The finest Lady Potential onahole, even during intense sessions. Hot Powers is well known for for their outstanding material quality and the The finest Lady Potential is one of their best rated male masturbators for a reason. If you like an intense experience then this one is for you.

The finest Lady Potential onahole by Hot Powers features
  • Genuine japanese male sex toy
  • made by Hot Powers
  • very heavy and meaty feeling to it
  • onahole weight about 400 Grams
  • onahole size approx. 165x130mm
  • comes with a small pack of sample lube


2 Customer Reviews for The finest Lady Potential

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by W December 23, 2018
Left Disappointed

I hear quite the positive reception for this particular toy, so I was excited when I bought it. It was the most expensive one out of the batch that I bought, but it left me the most disappointed.

For those familiar with Hot Power's Kunoichi series, Finest Lady is similar to it, except her "tentacle things" are thicker. Tiny grooves on the tentacles from five positions attack you at once, and it does feel good, just not what I expected for something that cost me over 5000 yen.

Comes with a big packet of lube, but I personally haven't used it. If you could get it for a good or deep discount, I would recommend it, especially for guys with larger than average dicks as its rather thick and accommodating, but I'd pass on a regular price purchase.

by Juan October 6, 2017
Amazing Onahole

This onahole has a very interesting inside that gives an original feeling when using it. I'd say it is very much worth the price for the feeling and would recommend this to any friend :)

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