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Toy Pouch

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Bag for stuffing and hiding of Onaholes/Masturbators and other adult toys.

Size approx. 330x100mm


10 Customer Reviews for Toy Pouch

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by Just Another User April 3, 2018
Not for holes

Don't try to put holes in here. The bag is made of a felt-like material that will absorb oils from the hole more than other materials and will get fuzz all over it. Great for most other toys though.

=Almost seems purpose built for glass dildos

by jason March 21, 2018
Good size

Good for large Onaholes or usb wamers or and large female toys

by Ona-san March 20, 2018
Not suitable for onaholes...only Hitachis

First of all, I would like to say that the bag is not suitable for onaholes, because the fibers of the bag will easily stuck on the onas. In addition, the opening is a bit strange, because the entrance is not made on the long side but on the narrow side. So, small onas are difficult to get out again.

Therefore, the bag is more suitable for longer toys, like Hitachis. Nonetheless, it was free. Thanks for that :)

by Random March 17, 2018
Don't bother

unless you use to store, say, your USB warmer. Onaholes get dirty, and the bag is long but small diametre

by SeedmonsterX February 22, 2018
Don't expect much from this

To be honest it's not worth the buy even though it's free. Gives more trouble than usefulness. Highly prefer other bags over this

by Jessica January 3, 2018
Good for wand vibes

This bag is made for storage of wand vibes like Hitachi Magic Wand, Fairy Wand, Body Wand and so on. Could also be used to store any plastic vibes though I doubt rabbit style ones could fit tho. If you want a bag for onaholes/penis sleeves just buy the ones offered here, The picture on the package indicates what can be stored in it anyways.

by marco antonio December 27, 2017
felt overdrive

it has felt/particles... i suggest you keep your onahole super super dry, and clean it after you take it out the bag, it was free so thats awesome!

by Kappa123 December 22, 2017
Not Suitable for Keeping Onaholes

+ Free
+ Can keep other stuff that doesn't stick

- There will be black fabric stuck to your onahole, which will make you cry when you try to clean the onahole.
- Awkward size. The width of the onahole couldn't an onahole sideways, nor can it fit two onaholes that are upright in the same layer.

Summary (Would not Recommend if you don't want to be conservative):
It's free, and there's not shipping costs added to it. I'm a person who likes to adapt and work around issues surrounding free products. All I done is just fit some lube bottles in them since they don't stick. Alternatively, you can also put your onaholes in plastic wrap bags and put it in the toy pouch.

by A December 18, 2017
Too long and narrow for most onaholes

The fibers like to stick to onaholes that aren't powdered, so I use this to store the free items from otona (condoms, rotor, etc).
It's free; maybe put your schlong inside, tie a ribbon around it and make your own version of dick in the box (but in this case, dick in a bag).

by Foxtopus December 4, 2017
For God sake don't use it for an onahole

It's free, but the moment it touched my onahole felt stuck to it like dirt on ice cream. It takes awhile to clean the felt off onaholes too, I highly recommend any other kind of bag over this. It may work for things other than Onaholes however.

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