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Tsubutsubu Milk Lotion

by Ikebukuro Toys
(appx. 15.01 )
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Available on otonaJP since: 2018 January 16
Volume: 200ml


4 Customer Reviews for Tsubutsubu Milk Lotion

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by JoeLikesJapan February 17, 2020
Strawberry scent with nice viscosity

really good for people who don't like the lingering sex smell

by anon123 October 27, 2019
simply my favourite

the smell is sweet. really awesomme. The sticky viscosity lasts the whole session as well. very nice.

by Dwayne July 26, 2019
The smell is great and the lube lasts a very long time. Kinda smells like one of those old lady candies.

The shipping is very quick and efficient, might buy this again.

by Luke February 2, 2019
Wonderful lube

This lube is probably one of my favorites i've tried. The bottle has lewd art on it with nice design so its easy to dispense. The smell is a mix between strawberry and some sort of milk or cream. The consistancy is wonderful and it lasts a long time.

Its real good. (^з^)-☆

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