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Wet Meiki Kiwami

Hip Onahole by Magic Eyes
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Huge Hip male masturbator

The Wet Meiki Kiwami is an absolute monster size hip onahole from the legends at Magic Eyes. A fully featured recreation, this 7kg product aims at extreme realism both in feeling and visual appeal. Her vagina is tight and filled with impact points to keep things interesting and stimulating, hitting you with waves of pleasure at all times. Her anus is thick and narrow, offering intense pressure as expected. Either way, the giant weight of Wet Meiki Kiwami slamming down against your crotch makes this feel as good as humanly possible. The material feels silky smooth like skin, and offers plenty to grab onto. An incredible hip onahole!

The Wet Meiki Kiwami Hip onahole from Magic Eyes features

  • Large Hip male sex toy
  • Ultra realistic and intense feeling
  • two Holes for penetration - Vaginal and Anal
  • onahole weight about 7000 Grams
  • onahole size approx. 320x285x170mm
  • comes with a small pack of lotion

Maker: Magic EyesProduct Type: Hip Onahole
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User Reviews

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  • | 5/29/2019

    Wet Meiki Kiwami is a whole new level of excellence.

    The skin color has a delicate shade of peach color. Visually and to the touch, it is very pleasant. The product is anatomically realistic outside, inside and by weight. In my very critical and demanding look - an absolute copy of the human body. Some Japanese manufacturers in the release of their products write that they are superior to the original - I was convinced that this is really true. The company "Magic Eyes" makes its products truly magical. I recommend this product to anyone who prefers the aesthetics of perfection.

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  • | 7/31/2017

    Magic Eye's clone of Ace Zero One's Virgin Love

    The Wet Meiki KIWAMI is Magic Eye's answer to Ace Zero One's Virgin Love and while the two products may look identical their actually very different from each other, I had the privilege of owning both and saw many differences between them. The mold for the Wet Meiki KIWAMI is firmer than the Virgin Love, it seems that they dont use the same material for the rubber so the Virgin Love is alot softer and more stretchy than the Wet Meiki KIWAMI. The rubber material that Magic Eyes used for this toy doesnt make loud squishy noises when your using it like the Virgin Love, probably because it holds is shape better since its more firm/stiff so there are pros and cons to the Wet Meiki being stiffer but its not very feminine feeling. Pros -------- + The weight feels appropriate to make it fun to use. + The rubber material that Magic Eyes used for this toy doesnt make loud squishy noises when your using it like the Virgin Love, probably because it holds is shape better since its more firm/stiff. + Compliments the Puni Hole DX really well because you can use the Puni Hole DX for your Lolicon fantasies and the Wet Meiki KIWAMI for your Oppai fantasies. + No foam core like the American large masturbators that get damaged when you soak them in water. + 100% rubber material that holds its shape pretty well, even better than the Virgin Love but at the cost of softness. Cons -------- - The skin feels stiffer than the Virgin Love. - The skin doesnt grip on to you like that of the Virgin Love, most likely because of the type of rubber they used to make the toy. - Suffers from the same problem that the Virgin Love had where the holes are a little too wide, it would greatly increase the sensation if it was like half an inch tighter and the rubber material wasnt so stiff. Conclusion ------------ I would recommend the Wet Meiki KIWAMI as a decent replacement for the Virgin Love when the Virgin Love isnt in stock but if I had to decide which of the two I enjoyed the most I would have to say that the Virgin Love is the better product because its softer, the skin grips on to you when your using it, its durable, and it feels better than the Meiki. Given the choice between the Wet Meiki KIWAMI or nothing though I would go with the Meiki.

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