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White Love Juice Lotion

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Made in Japan.

  • Available on otonaJP since: 2016 March 29
  • Volume: 360ml


2 Customer Reviews for White Love Juice Lotion

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by Joseph October 29, 2017
Slippery AND thick ^_^

I think this lube should be tried by anyone looking for a good white/creamy thick lube:)
Alot of reviews on thicker lubes mention higher viscosity but this one is much more slippery despite it's creamy thickness ^__^
It recharges really well with water from a spray bottle also:)

It goes well on dildos too if you're into anal play and need something water based:)

And I agree with the previous review that it's great for mixtures,Especially with any kind of hand/body lotion;)

In a sea of similar products this one seems rather unique and stands out from the crowd ftw:)

by Wstar September 23, 2017
Rather strange and works good

This one lube is strange one, as it really is as white as milk. It is really slimy and this is a feature I hoped with this lube to get. So got what expected 100 %. It is without any odor and taste, so it is super if you like lubes like that. It is really slimy and rather thick. When used it will last pretty long time, and when dries, you can easily activate it with few drops of water. Since it is slimy and rather thick can be used to mix with little water to be more runny and to last more. Or can be also mixed with other more watery lubes, to get new long lasting mixture. As tested it works the best with single layered onaholes, as it nicely sticks inside small ridges and will last really long in those. Only ''bad'' thing is, if you don't wash it from your best friend after use, and just take him to underpants domain, it may stick to your shorts after time, as it is really nicely slimy and sticky when dried out. BUT overall this is great long lasting lube and great for mixing your own lube mixtures.

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