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Club Classmate Sweaty Pants with Scent

"Club Classmate Sweaty Pants with Scent" by OSC

  • Maker: OSC
  • Sku: 部活同級生 汗まみれのパンツ
Club Classmate Sweaty Pants with Scent
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What do we have here ? Some underwear of your Club Classmate from High School. The bottle that comes with it, creates the smell and image that it has ben worn and contains 60ml. It is sweaty and full of her juicy and exciting smell. You can use it perfectly for enjoying her smell and to live your fetish. Or try it as an addition to your onahole session or Love Doll. Your possibilities are endless and you can live all your fantasies with it.

Available on otonaJP since: 2016 Nov 3
Volume: 60ml

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