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Daisuki Hold

by Toys Heart
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Young Girl male masturbator
Maker Toys HeartProduct Type 97,90

It's not just a crazy product name or a fighting game move, Daisuki Hold is an actual Japanese sex term! Imagine you're having hot sweaty sex with a cute Japanese girl and she locks her legs around you. Your bodies are now entangled, driving you in deeper and harder than before. That's a Daisku Hold, and Toys Heart set out to recreate this intense passionate feeling with the Daisuki Hold onaole. Her cute virgin pussy is a snug, tight fit with high stimulation. It's definitely not for the faint of heart, but the results will have your head spinning (both of them). Daisuki Hold's wet, winding tunnel ends with her drawing you in so hard you'll be teasing the entrance to her womb. This is one wild ride, and one you'll want to come back to (and into) over and over again.

The Daisuki Hold onahole from Toys Heart features

  • Genuine male sex toy from Japan
  • recreating the feeling of a girl hugging you tight during Sex
  • Made by Toys Heart
  • onahole weight about 330 Grams
  • onahole size approx. 155x65mm
  • comes with a small sample lotion

User Reviews

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  • | 9/17/2019

    A bit too hard, vacuum was good

    I found this toy's inner structure to be a bit too hard. Honestly I bought this for the cervix and womb structure gimmick which I found pleasurable, but the nubs lining the walls in the middle section I felt were a bit too stiff and hard in terms of texture for me. The suction effect does work well if you squeeze the air out of the womb section before entering. You need alot more lube than other toys to use well. The normal dime to quarter size drop of lube will not be enough. I bought this at the same time as the Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo which I much highly preferred, so the Daisuke Hold was abandoned. The Lolinco is only about 10 bucks more, I'd recommend just getting that if you're interested in a tight onahole with a cervix.

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  • | 3/20/2019

    Nice but not the best

    This was my second onahole, after trying the Chitsu Pita Lolinco, and I must say that while it was enjoyable, the former felt better. I don't know if it was because I used lotion this time, but the inner structure was barely felt, unlike the Lolinco, that still feels amazing. Again, this may be because of too much lotion. Still, I will not deny it was good, and I definitely do't regret getting it.

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  • | 9/20/2018

    Great Value for the Price

    Its a great onahole for beginners who want the best bang for their buck, it has a strong texture and mid suction with a good tightness, the material is resistant and can take a pounding. Only problem so far is it can consume lube quite quickly.

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  • | 9/8/2018

    My current favorite

    Absolutely love this onahole. Definitely beats "Virgin Age Admission" and "Student council president Onahole" I bought with this one. There's very nice stimulation and texture to it.

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  • | 9/1/2018

    Good price and tight

    For starters, this hole is quite tight and it's quality is very good for the price. The only negative I have seen is that the sensation is quite constant with not much variety. It is still pleasurable but the seemingly detailed insides just kind of end up feeling the same.

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  • | 7/16/2018

    Words of advice: from second time user

    You know this one will bring you pleasure for a long time, if you can maintain it well. I bought 2 of these so far and have used it for approximately 2 years. Here are some advice for keeping this cutie functional for a long time while having maximum pleasure. - How to prepare 1. When you first buy it, it's going to have the distinct smell that can be found in any of ToysHeart products. The quickest way to remove the smell is to wash it (inside and outside) with a decent bathroom cleaner. It's made of silicon and rubber, so it's very much safe to wash it with such, and if you rinse it with water thoroughly and dry it well, it'd be safe to use, just like how you wash your bathtub. 2. Before you use it, warm it up to body temperature. You can do this by using the Onnahole warmers that can be found in this website or by using electric heat blankets you can buy from other places. The Onnahole warmers are cheaper and easier, but the problem is that they will easily melt the insides of Onnahole and remove its complex structures over time. I use a medical heat blanket: set it to minimum heat, wrap my Onnahole in it, wait for 30 minutes, pull it out and test the temperature with my finger. If it feels mediocre, let the outsides cool down then heat it up for 5-10 more minutes to get it just above the body temperature, to feel maximum pleasure and realism. (don't heat it too hot because it will feel like you're doing it with magma) - How to clean 1. Use condoms. It'd be a good practice for the real thing and it's much easier to clean. Price might concern you but if you buy in large bulk, it's okay. 2. Clean it with liquid soap or shampoo. Especially if you did it without a condom. Cum is wet organic matter, which means it will smell bad if left untouched. DO NOT TRY TO FLIP IT INSIDE OUT. Since it's double layer, doing so will destroy the connection between two layers and they will be separate shortly. 3. Dry it with one of those "Nonwoven fabric dish cleaners" and not with those car wash drying rags. The latter won't get deep enough to clean the very bottom of your onnahole but the previous one can be rolled and pushed in to clean even the deepest parts of your onnahole. 4. Before you put it away for later use, spray some sanitizer inside of it. You can buy spray sanitizer from local medical market or online. This prevents the inside from getting mold from leftover moisture. All these advice comes from my experience. Have a good day.

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  • | 6/25/2018

    A good onahole that you should try

    Starting with the sensation, it is not the best one I have had with an onahole but it is far above the majority. Its strongest point is the final part that simulates a uterus, when you penetrate it gives an incredible sensation. For the bad part, the entrance hole is something small so inserting it is difficult until you "have practiced introducing it". Another negative aspect is that it requires having very hard and having very lubricated to get a good profit. The final conclusion, is very good onahole that everyone should try.

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  • | 3/15/2018

    Soft and pleasurable

    Very happy with the sensation this one gives. After a few weeks of use, the entrance where the dual-layers can be seen began to separate a bit, but didn’t really affect the sensation or useability of the onahole. Definitely a great hole for beginners. Also make sure to talc it every so often because it can get sticky!

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  • | 11/8/2017

    Pretty Good

    The first section is really tight, not as much at the end. The stimulation is great, but it does make a loud suction sound. Great price and great for a beginner.

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  • | 9/28/2017

    A good starting point

    Aside from the first section that comes after the penetration, i really have no complaints. the little bumps while could be better are nice, and the suction is great, always been a fan of womb onaholes, it has a reasonable price and Toysheart rarely ever disapoints. Not a fan of the clitoris though, but hardly matters since I asume most of us get off to material.

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  • | 9/24/2017

    Doesn't beat "Virgin Age Admission"

    – Durable – Too soft – Low stimulation Too squishy, I could barely feel anything. Suction is very strong though. I'd rather buy another Virgin Age Admission than this again.

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  • | 5/5/2017

    Good Hole

    Daisuki hold is an interesting hole with the vacuum gimmick. The hole itself is very durable and kinda hard which is okay for a hole of this value. Though after using it for around a year, the suction effect is no longer in the hole most likely because of repeated use. Anyways, this hole is a great hole for beginners though my only warning is to watch out for how hard the material is.

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  • | 3/18/2017

    Good quality, good price

    It feels really nice and it's priced really well.

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  • | 2/6/2017

    The onahole of choice

    From my research online this was my first choice when I came to the world of pleasure toys and it is great. The size is perfect and it offers pleasant stimulation, no crazy gimmicks that might alarm a beginner. Easy to clean and appears ready for a lasting service life.

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  • | 12/9/2016

    Hold me tight

    Good onahole. The first part of the inner structure really cling on your shaft, the mid zone lots of little bumps give a very good stimulation to your head, the end provide a light vaccum. I find the end lacking of stimulation but the middle is damn good. That toy is a little bit too tight for my taste. Be careful like most of the dual layer toy it tend to separate a the entrance (be gentle when you clean it). The quallity is correct for that price (the outher layer tend to get sticky but talcum powder do the trick).

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  • | 11/23/2016

    Great Onaho !!

    it's my favorite !!, very tight and so cute The different textures inside are just wonderful Do not try for any reason to turn it ( Like a sock ) Is a little weak At the opposite end to the entrance I already damaged it and it was my fault. ( be gentle In cleaning this lady ) but The internal structure is intact *O* Damn good Onaho !! I will order a new one on my next purchase ??

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  • | 10/26/2016

    Great hole, but use the right lube

    This is by no means a loli hole, but it certainly has great suction and is quite tight but not "snug" as the material isn't exactly soft. Use the wrong lube and it could kill any sensations completely, I'm still experimenting to find the perfect lube for this. Also the outer material is unusually sticky for a Toys Heart onahole, pretty horrible to the touch unfortunately

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  • | 9/6/2016

    9.5/10 Stars

    Daisuki-hold is the first onahole i have and its one of the greatest introduction to this hobby. The sensation is very stimulating, There is a mild sucking effect on your member. The little ribs in the onahole make it very pleasureful to use. There is this Loud lewd noise it will make when you pump into the womb chamber. This can get very annoying sometimes. Overall it is a very good onahole! 9.5/10 Stars Recommended for first timers!

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  • | 8/25/2016

    My favorite onahole

    I absolutely love this onahole and it's my favorite of the bunch. There's very nice stimulation on it and the sucking effect on your cock is very nice (and the sound as you pump it). If you have a penis on the large size and can reach the backchamber (which i guess is to simulate a womb) it's even better. The deeper entrance isn't a penis bully or anything; just really great. Get some great lube and the usb warmer for this and fap away.

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