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Fuwa Cyun

by G Project
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Double hole male masturbator

The Fuwa Cyun onahole is an innovative onahole from G-Project that brings you two holes in one. Modelled on a pair of sexy sisters (let your imagination run wild if you're thinking about a certain anime series!), both sides of the onahole are made from different material. The pink entry is soft and fluffy, while the blue is harder and tighter. It's the ultimate threesome. Designed with durability in mind, you can swap things up any time to experience various sensations in a single product. Includes a small packet of high quality lotion.

The Fuwa Cyun onahole by G-Project features

  • Double hole male sex toy
  • made by G-Project
  • has two different holes for penetration
  • onahole weight about 310 Grams
  • onahole size approx. 147x55mm
  • comes with a small pack of sample lube

Maker: G ProjectProduct Type: 256
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User Reviews

9 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 7/11/2018

    A V O I D

    The blue part is too fucking hard. Cum cunnot even get out. My poor dick just gets stressed and painful after some minutes. You can't use this for long sessions. Maybe for a 1 minute fap, but sill the hand is better. Blue is painfully tight, even going slowly, as it does not dillate, and pink is too soft (bad cheap soft, the same with 5$ onaholes). So, I'm going to try to expand the insides of a the blue part with a soldering iron. If fail, oh wellp. I have waste this money in worst ways. Buy anything else. And if you want a stroker, just get a cheap homogeneous onahole and cut the tape off. Only ways I see someone liking this is if already likes: penis rings, bondage, pain, gross plastic oil, or have tiny tiny penis.

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  • | 6/18/2018

    Very enjoyable 2 in 1

    I really like this! A choice of soft or hard, and a vacuum option. The hard side is quite intense, and the soft side is very mild, and can be used for a long time. Both enjoyable. The soft side does wear faster, so be aware of that. Also, small bits of plastic on the outside seem to come off, which is a shame, if the durability was better I would find very little wrong with it personally. This is a good hole to try if you have never used soft or hard before, you can see whether you enjoy either of those firmness types. It comes with a storage bag and a small packet of lube that will not last long. The box art is cute. I can recommend it.

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  • | 11/24/2017

    It's Pretty Okay

    Two in one which I love. One side is so soft you just get lost in it. Most people can reach the other side. Adding a lot of pressure to the soft side feels really nice. A pretty nice onahole imo.

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  • | 4/22/2017

    Great Product for Unique Toy

    This was one of the first Ona Holes I ever owned and so far it's the best one in my arsenal. I was first introduced into this product from Reddit and I have to say, I'm glad I found it. It's a good toy to introduce yourself to the ona holes. The two different materials make for a good tool to help you gauge where your pressure points and what type of product you might prefer in your toys. This is a great toy for you to find your level of sensation whether you want it firm or soft. The only thing I would recommend is the up keep and maintenance. easy hand cleaning and soft touch microfiber cloth. The material is prone to breaking but only through rough cleaning. Be careful with your toys. But over all, I would definitely recommend this product.

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  • | 4/21/2017

    A strange combination

    The contrast in hardness between the two sides is a little too much for my liking. Soft is just right, but hard is too much for me. Entering from the hard side and slipping to the soft side doesn't feel quite right. Entering from the soft side and breaking into the hard side makes me forget that soft side even exists because the hard material is so tight and sturdy. I don't use it outside of quick sessions since it's extremely easy to clean and dry.

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  • | 10/25/2016

    More than decent value for what you're paying!

    If you're a bit iffy about your next onahole, get this one. The pink side is amazingly soft to get you started, and you have the blue side to really go to town on. The sensation is super soft, but the oily issue mentioned from an earlier review is definitely somewhat of a problem. Make sure you store this properly, as it attracts dirt and small bits of cloth way too easily. Overall, great value for your money if you're looking for a starter onahole or just a great sensation in general. Just make sure to be careful with that pink side, as I've had mine for about 3 months now and it's starting to tear pretty badly.

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  • | 9/30/2016

    I love this toy

    Two different materials with different feelings and different stimulation. Box looks awesome. Also, it looks like tube, so my wife plays with me using it. Also it's very easy to clean. You should be careful with pink side! Vacuum is not so good, because then I can't put deeper, so I don't use it.

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  • | 8/21/2016

    Pretty decent "air-release" onahole

    To be honest, this is my second onahole of this type. The fact that your dick passes all the way through it, can be both good and bad. Easier cleaning definitely, but not as good for fapping in hard to clean places unless you grip the hell out of the top while you blow your load. The differences in firmness makes for an interesting fap depending on where you want to focus the pressure, but the novelty died down quickly for me. The Fuwa Cyun's build quality has actually thus far been better than most air-release types I've tried. But yes, this material sticks to and oils up everything it touches wherever you store it. If you want to try an air-release type onahole, I'd recommend this one. But as most people prefer non-air release onaholes, take my recommendation with a grain of salt.

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  • | 8/4/2016


    Also one of my first few onaholes. The concept of 2 in 1 really caught my eye and the simple design made me think it'd be easy to hide or bullshit to people (that it's a squishy stress toy? idk). Hmm, lets start with the material. I have no previous or continued experience with g-project momochi material. G-project seems to market this as a selling point and I have heard people praise it so. The product description says pink side's soft and the blue's harder. Well as a owner, I can frankly tell you that pink's dipping your penis in snow and blue's like going through a soft cock ring (see the interior design). With that being said, I can tolerate that. However the way the onahole flips around like a stupid airdancer while it slides up and down your shaft is... This is the result of the pink part being wayyyy too soft. Moving on, maintenace is I-don't-know-what-to-say. Well since its open from end to end, its super easy to clean but the material has a tendency to get oily. Powder power. Being obviously not one of my favourites, I left it alone for a week or two. Picked it up and I found that the surface that it was resting on had become flat. I don't have pictures but I'm trying to convey that the material is easy to indent/depress. I cannot recommend this product fully. Perhaps look at other g-project products. I mean Niku-man looks nice. Happy shopping.

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