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Lotion by G Project
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Product Type: Lotion

high quality lube from Japan

Both G-Project and Pepee have collaborated to bring you the ultimate in long lasting lube. G PROJECT X PEPEE BOTTLE LOTION NURURU is suitable for any onahole, adult toy or personal use. Designed to last longer and stay wetter, this lotion will ensure it keeps going as long as you do.

The G PROJECT X PEPEE BOTTLE LOTION NURURU lotion by G-Project features
  • Lotion made in collaboration between G-Project and Pepee
  • long lasting bottle
  • Volume 220ml



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by Brunoguy August 14, 2019
Very good

Exactly what i was expecting very slimmy ,stay on you last long but could last longer if IT was for me the only bad thing is you can have very good lube at the Same Price un bigger bottle but for me its a rebuy

by kluni January 8, 2019
Emmmm good price

No smell, goes well on everything, last long

Toooooooo sticky, hard to clean

by Just Another User April 3, 2018
Good, if you know what it is

This is a great high-quality zero-smell (less than the unscented Onatsuyu) lotion, but you should know it's quite thick and very stringy. You can't just simply wipe it off with some tissues - don't even try. Now of course, as a result, it does last fairly long.

+Zero scent/smell
+Lasts decently long for water-based lube
+Cute girl
-Wish bottle had one of those valves like some honey bottles have
-Price/volume is better than a lot of crappy drugstore lube I've seen, but is on the more expensive side for Japanese lube.

>This probably won't be your typical general purpose, go-to lube. Similarly I don't recommend it as your first/only. Because it's so thick/stringy, it's more of a 'specialty' lube. Great buy if you have more than 1-2 bottles of lube already.
>If you're using it in a hole, put it on yourself in addition to in the hole. This stuff will not run out/down the hole AT ALL like other lubes will, which can lead to your shaft chaffing while your head is well-lubricated. Similarly, go slow at first and/or use your fingers to help spread the lube around.
>To the above, this lube is great if you're worried about making a mess, since it doesn't run.
>Try different lube/hole combinations. What's good in one isn't good in another and vice versa. Using a slimy, stringy lube like this will make some holes feel quite different than other typically thinner lubes.
>Use a mini bottle brush and a purpose-made cleaning agent for the easiest cleaning experience

by Alessandro December 29, 2017
Very good slimy lotion

Very good slimy and sticky lotion for long play, perfect for onaholes with nubs and a vacuum chamber, cute art and good dispenser. A bit on the pricy side due to low quantity in the bottle, still Recommended!

by N-san November 29, 2017

One of the best lotions on the market. Provides awesome slimy feeling and creates cute lotion "strings".

Kind of a pain to clean though as it tends to stick to you, toy, hands, fabric or even sponge you clean a toy with. Simply wiping with a paper towel or rinsing with flowing water won't cut it with Nururu.

by mexguy December 5, 2016
clean lotion

A clean lotion and to use with an onahole or with your girlfriend.

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