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Girls Dungeon



    • Available on otonaJP since: 2015 December 14
    • Product Weight (without the package): approx. 1100 Grams
    • Product Dimensions: approx. 180x120x115mm


    5 Customer Reviews for Girls Dungeon

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    by Enrique June 30, 2018
    Good but impractical

    The idea of multiple tunnels that you can choose to use is a very good idea. and I must say that it is well executed.

    The problem is the cleaning and drying of the onahole, so many holes is as if you cleaned 5 and if you add it to dry it is a great demotivation.
    Many times I have wanted to use it but think about the time it would take me to clean it and dry it, I prefer to use another onahole.

    If this is not something that you care about too much, then I recommend it to you becouse most holes give a great feeling.

    by Luckyona September 8, 2017
    It's so GOOD

    For this price, this quality, it's omg so good.
    A lot of hole, a lot of sensation, it's thigh, large my godness buy it now.
    The bad point it's when you need to clean it and dry it it's so annoying...

    by J.M. April 27, 2017
    A bit of variety for a good price.

    First of all, we know this is Magic Eyes so expect the gimmicks and unique takes on thier onaholes. This one is no diffirent. The size is in my opinion one of the best things about it. Big enough to have that weight behind, but small enough to grab one handed. The diffirent holes feel enough. My only real con about it is the backdoor and "urethra" holes are a bit lacking texture wise. Still worth a but that will last a long while.

    by Muik September 29, 2016
    Many holes, many ways to go but result is the same

    First of all it is a big one onahole. I expected much and tried hard to explore every hole. Well, it was interesting and new the first time. Second and third time I got bored. Having so many directions I found only one or two still exciting for me. And cleaning all the holes after use made me feel even more bored. Now I prefer other oneholes instead of Girl's Dungeon. For me it was a waste of money.

    by Appien May 13, 2016
    Feels great and different every time

    The multiple holes of the girls dungeon all feel different. Different tightness and different bumps. The main hole feels the best and the anus hole feels a bit lacking. The vaginal hole has three ways to go, there's also a small side way but I like to go all in instead of just the tip. But every single one of them feels fantastic. The feeling in the back of every hold is great too. The second vagina hole is tighter and feels good. The anus is a bit too close to the edge of the onahole. you can practically see your dick through the material and if you take a wrong angle you will probably stretch and then rip the outside layer because it is so thin. I had to hold my hand on it and I ended up feeling my hand, I didn't want that. After some use I can say this is a great onahole and I would recommend it.

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