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Half-mature Succubus Little Sister Magical Vacuum Hard

by Kiteru Kiteru
(appx. 43.55 )
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Available on otonaJP since: 2017 April 21
Product Weight (without the package): approx. 177 Grams
Product Dimensions: approx. length 150mm


5 Customer Reviews for Half-mature Succubus Little Sister Magical Vacuum Hard

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by ninin September 10, 2018

This onahole is small and has a few imperfections like air bubbles in the material that are quite visible(some bubbles actually reach onto the inside or outside making them just empty spaces in your onahole)
The material is hard, like, I'll-rip-your-dick hard so I'd advise proceed with caution unless you're on the small side of the spectrum and like it rough. also use lots of lube.

by Jim July 23, 2018
Just a tiny bit too small

The vacuum on this is great, but it's a bit of a struggle to get into. 'Iron penis' is a very relevant term with this toy. Feels great, but you really have to fight it to fit.

by J June 3, 2018
Unique, and special onahole.

It's small, purple, and easy to use.
If you like something special, and strong feeling, this will be the good choice.
Recommended for 'iron penis'

One free bottle of lube inside of this package. Great value.

by Valentín March 21, 2018
Really like it almost on every single part!

Its a good onahole and really unique!
-The feeling of it's just exellent, it's like you want to be all the day with it XD
-I checked it and they really made a good structure on it because on the top of it ( and some other places ) the texture gets hard so you dont tear it!
-The bottle of lube with this onahole makes a great companion!
-Good price for such an good structured onahole with a bottle of lube
-You could say its "small" but you'll fit and feel an exelent stimulation :V

-Hard to clean (But you have to know that the "quid" of this onahole is to be hard to get an exellent feeling)
-If you're not experimented with onaholes you may be tired trying to get inside of it.

by Dániel November 7, 2017
small but I really like it

easy to hide (because of its size)
easy to use
there is vacuum (very big!)
robust enough (material)
pages are patterned (appearance)

it's a little harder to clean

it may seem a bit small if you take it in your hands, but it is not!

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