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HAME DOL !! Onahole Fan Service HARD

by A-One
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It's a Hard Ver.Onahole.This onahole from A-One is specially designed for the HAME DOL !! from A-One only. Compatibility with other Love Dolls can not be guaranteed. Comes with 100ml Lotion Bottle which smell of a pop idol.

  • Available on otonaJP since: 2016 May 28
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Brand: A-One
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User Reviews

7 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 10/10/2018

    Update on previous service hard review

    So yeah, I used this thing a few more times after this review... I already ended up having my dick poke out the side.... Not sure if it was a defect or something, but that lost a lot of points...

    ... view more
  • | 9/28/2018

    Quite a nice buy!

    I got this to go with my Pine Hame Dol (and the stage outfit). I got reviews on those but anyway.... This onahole is VERY nice. It does fit well inside the doll (provided it's deflated first), gives a soft yet snug feeling (gets more intense as the lube sorts itself) and stretches nicely. Even though this is the hard version, it's still quite soft, but firm enough to not be an issue. But it's likely gonna have durability issues if you get rough so take it slow. In fact, the slow approach gives an amazing buildup, like it teases you but coaxes you into climax. But, if there's one downside, it's that due to the mix of softness and firmness, you gotta be quite stiff to enter. It pushes back quite a lot (more so when it's inside something). The lube it comes with kinda dries fast, but get it wet with some water or something and you're fine. And cleaning is a non issue. As long as you're a bit careful, flip it inside out as you please. Overall, it's VERY good and is easily worth getting, probably more than the others given how this is the "hard" version and it still feels kinda soft...

    ... view more
  • | 4/27/2018

    Hame doll's best friend

    I would recommended this for any Hame Doll owner. The sensation is surprisingly high. Combining with the doll, the whole experience very satisfiable. I've never tried but it could probably works as a standalone as well.

    ... view more
  • | 11/24/2017

    Works great with the Hame Dol

    It fits perfectly in the Hame Dol. The opening looks nice and feels great when inside.

    ... view more
  • | 1/26/2017

    Great Onahole

    This is a well made hole, not perfect but feel great and very thick

    ... view more
  • | 12/19/2016

    Nice bundle

    I love this onahole. This product can last a long time no matter how rough you use it. It even gives you a good supply of lube. This product is worth the money!

    ... view more
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