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by A-One
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This inflateable doll is super cute and will add a whole new level comparing to just using a regular onahole or masturbator. The life like size and many ways you can dress the doll up are leaving you with endless posibilities to play out all your fantasies.

Please note that clothes and onahole are not included and have to be purchased seperatly. Onaholes fitting with the following sizes: 100x50x180mm

  • Available on otonaJP since: 2016 May 28
  • Product Weight (without the package): -
  • Product Dimensions: after the doll is inflated approx. B85cm W57cm H90cm


2 Customer Reviews for HAME DOL !! PINE

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by Kazuka September 28, 2018
Not sure if good or bad...

So yeah, I got this thing along with the idol costume, mainly cause no matter what you call it, it's practically Maki from Love Live...

I got my first use out of it... very difficult to put the outfit on and you need the onahole inside it before inflating or you can't get it in there. Given the idol onahole that was made for it, it felt pretty good, but I couldn't finish without moving the doll. Let the shirt unbuttoned too cause there's no way I'd get it closed when this is inflated (the shirt is designed for flat chested dolls really...)

Now here's where things go south. The air stays pretty well meaning you have to deflate it by squeezing it with the hole open. Well it decides to pop as I'm doing so, leaving a hole not far above where the onahole resides... So much for storing the thing and I don't know how (or if) it can get fixed...

So yeah, it's decent, but you gotta commit to it being inflated or risk popping it like the balloon it is. Thankfully the onahole is still useable and I might be able to get the clothes on another inflatable from a totally different doll, but holy hell I expected better and much longer use. That said, don't even try to lay on top of this thing if squeezing it could do that much. Either it's too sensitive (or I got a defective one) or it was unable to hold that much inflation (which was enough to stay in, as in the max point before air leaks out on it's own).

by hb123456 August 10, 2016
good but need budget

this doll quite good but u need to buy onahole for it

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