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Pure Bride Virgo Satori

Hip Onahole by Magic Eyes
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Maker Magic EyesSimulation VaginalFantasy VirginHole Design Closed Hole TypeMaterial Construction Double LayerUsability ReusableMaterial Firmness RegularNumber of Holes 1Product Weight 1200g (2.65lbs)Length/Height 203mm (7.99in)Width 123mm (4.84in)Lotion included Yes Release 2021Product Type Hip Onahole, Torso Onahole

User Reviews

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  • | 3/22/2024


    Meaty, jiggly, thicc, soft, multi layered goodness. This thing is near perfection. Its entrance is great, very soft and really works the head. Just beyond the entrance is a tight hymen ring made from a harder material, followed by a very nice soft and squishy cervix, which terminates in a tight textured uterus. Very very very nice toy, you can one hand it, its heavy enough to put it on a table and thrust, but its big enough that it feels like a pussy and not dick sleeve

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  • | 9/25/2023

    cervix cervix cervix

    it's well made, quite interesting design, don't recommend it if you are not sensitive down there. it just lacks in comparison to some other magic eyes makes. the thing is hard to clean, lots of pockets and crevices that are hard to clean. the first ring the red one broke on me and is basically holding on by a thread. i may remove it if it doesn't come off next session. one thing i really like about it though is how inviting it looks if you peer in.

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  • | 5/21/2022

    Best one I've bought

    the suction created by the numerous chambers gives me sublime ejaculations. XD

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  • | 5/15/2022

    Large but soft and shallow

    A bit too soft and shallow, the larger size didn't help.

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  • | 2/13/2022

    Amazing, but slightly worrying condition

    Feeling(9/10): In terms of usage, Satori is amazing, you basically can't feel your hands through the ona unless you're really squeezing hard and otherwise it kinda just translates to a nice gripping sensation. The textures are pretty good, the entrance is fun in that it's kinda small so you need to push past the lips and the hymen and the cervix portion are noticeable. For the first couple of uses, the transition will be rather noticeable and overly simulating but it loosens up enough to be okay after a few times. It's about heavy enough to thrust into it without hands in the right position and you can grab on its ass to lift it up and it has enough weight to slide down your shaft. You can miss the cervix and you can do the dick inflation thing which is kinda hot. Cleaning (8/10): Cleaning is fairly run of the mill, it's about as easy to clean as any dual layer. My process is to wash out the semen, scrub with soap and rinse before drying. The hole's a bit tight but manageable. Water dries easy I suppose. I recommend storing your onas in ziplocks with silica packets for extra security against mold. Quality(7/10): To be honest, the product is pretty great. The nips are pretty, the vagina bones sculpted into it are hot. The materials used are solid, there's even a harder 3rd material that acts like a hymen but isn't like the prior iterations that has it break rather just loosening up with time. The only issue I have with the quality is that there's some mild seperation between the skin material and the main internal material. It seems to be tearing at the parts that they join but it stops to a point where the materials have a better hold. Idk if it'll get worse really fast but I'm docking some points for it being a possible place for nasty shit growing if not careful, will update if it gets worse within a year of usage. Overall (8/10): I got this ona as a replacement to my sujiman virgo and man it doesn't disappoint, it's all around a better experience, not being able my hands through the walls just made it so much better. The material issue is rather worrying but if it holds up I'm fine with it. Honestly, it's made me seriously consider getting a full hip and a full body ona someday but unfortunately I don't have the circumstances to upgrade, something to look forward to i suppose.

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