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Ju-C 1 Onahole

by G Project
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Smooth and stylish male masturbator
Maker G Project

The Ju-C onahole series are a fantastic combination of stimulation and style. The product looks really cool with its smooth material, and it's super stretchy. Slide through the thick entrance and you'll be greeted with a bit of everything. The tunnel is filled with a number of very different sections each designed to pleasure you in different ways. Bumps, ribs, notches, the Ju-C 1 onahole has just about everything you could ever want in one powerful pussy. Also includes a stick of lotion and a storage bag. Made by G-Project.

The Ju-C 1 Onahole by G-Project features

  • smooth and stylish male sex toy
  • durable single layer material
  • very stretchy
  • onahole weight about 270 Grams
  • onahole size approx. 155mm length
  • comes with a small pack of sample lube

User Reviews

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  • | 12/20/2018

    High Quality Onahole but a bit too pricey

    At first, this onahole didn't feel that good. However, I tried it again with a bit less lube, and it felt much better and I also figured out how to increased suction. After trying it out several times, it's actually not bad. The quality of the onahole is also god tier, and I think this onahole can last years. It's also easy to clean. However, it's pretty expensive and I feel that it's a bit too pricey for how it feels. But if you are wanting an onahole that is super long-lasting, feels decent, has suction capabilities, I recommend this.

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  • | 7/2/2017

    This one is great!

    I bought this one year ago, used for so many times. It is fantastic and i'm thinking about to buy another one since the first one is broken. The suction and stimulation of this one is really great. My personal option is, the suction of this one is even better than R-20 mk1. The design of this toy is not based on real thing :) so you kind of know you are using a toy. But boy oh boy, it gives better stimulation than the real thing. It is extremely easy to wash. This feature is so great that you only need about 1min to clean it. But please remember don't turn it inside out to wash it. That's how I break the first one. In general, the mark of this toy should be (1-100): Stimulation: 90 Quality: 80 Material: 85 Clean: 100 Price: 90 Overall: 90

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  • | 6/1/2016

    Simple, but simple done right for a fair price.

    I've had some time with this hole now and It's earned a lot of praise from me. To start off the quality of this hole shines in how simple it is. Instead of attempting a "realistic" or stylized hole they opted instead for a simple tube design. The outside is made of a clear resin material that after 20-30 uses and washes still has yet to turn sticky or attract dust. While the inside is a flexible plastic like material with an open design that allows water to enter and exit the hole easily along with any "remnants". As far as the actual feeling of the hole, the trend of simple done right continues here. There are only 4 points of stimulation in this hole starting with a set of rings that fold away on insertion and tug against you upon reversal. Following the rings is a region of bumps that massage and roll around you as you "explore" this area of the hole. Beyond that is another set of rings this time offset a bit to give you a different more direct stimulation as it rubs and grinds against you as you attempt to force your way into the final part of this hole, a large vacuum chamber filled with large nubs that push and bend against your tip as you force your way into this area. All of this feels great on its own but an extra feature of this hole is because of its open design the entire hole becomes a massive vacuum chamber that sucks and collapses against you as you thrust into it increasing the stimulation of all these regions. In summary if you're a fan of high stimulation holes and / or looking for something with a low maintenance then this is a great place to start.

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