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Ju-C PUTI 1 Onahole

School Girl Onahole by G Project
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Product Type: School Girl Onahole

School Girl themed male masturbator

The Ju-C (say it out loud in a tweety bird impression) onahole series from G-Project features a range of sexy school girls, each begging for your cock. Made from soft and flexible Momochi material which feels amazing to hold and use. The Ju-C PUTI 1 onahole is a cute pink hole which drags you in deep with three main pleasure points in between a series of huge bumps and ribs. A large suction effect at the end works together with the sensation.

The Ju-C PUTI 1 Onahole by G-Project features
  • cute and portable male sex toy
  • genuine japanese adult toy by G-Project
  • super cute box art
  • onahole weight about 143 Grams
  • comes with a small pack of sample lube


10 Customer Reviews for Ju-C PUTI 1 Onahole

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by Drai August 23, 2018
Amazing for beginners (and actually for everyone)

I trusted people when they told me this was one of the best onaholes out there for beginner, and so you should do.
It feels truly amazing, it has good size, mild suction, it's pretty easy to lube thanks to its design and overall a really good choice.
Also, it's worth to point it out how easy it is to clean (which you will be pleased with).

I have no regrets at all about this purchase. Really, give it a try and you will get surprised.

by bank June 26, 2018
Amazing First Onahole

Recommended to me by a lot of blogs and review sites, it lives up to its reputation. Affordable price, amazing quality, and amazing feeling. If you're a beginner and is looking for your first onahole, I strongly recommend this one.

by Snappok June 13, 2018
Cheap, good, durable

The material on this onahole is super strong while also being soft and pleasurable. At this price you cannot go wrong with this onahole.

by Tomoebi April 22, 2018
A perfect onahole for its price

This is my first onahole. It has plain but cute packaging, so if you live in a caliphate country the custom might mistaking it for an anime figurine. The onahole itself is really great for its price. Soft, stretchy and feels great. I really recommend it.

by SeedmonsterX February 22, 2018
Very good and worthy of its price

Soft, stretchy material, really affordable and easy to clean afterwards. Durable and easy to maintain

by Alessandro December 29, 2017
Good sensations, good price, beginner friendly

This onahole has a good internal structure with lots of nubs and a vacuum chamber, made with soft and stretchy material, gives very good sensations at a nice price point. It was my first masturbator and I loved the great feelings. Recommended!

by B. Yoshi February 15, 2017
Amazing quality for the price.

This is the first Onahole that I've owned, and man did it make a good first impression.
I honestly don't have any real complaints about it. As plain as the design is, it makes it very easy to clean, hide, and is practically silent during use.
I would highly recommend to anyone interested in onaholes, and don't know where to start.

by futuristsensei December 10, 2016
Quite good and cheap

It does its job quite well! Good quality for such a low price. The inner design feels quite enjoyable. The tightness is just perfect.
Cleaning it is quite easy. The far end seems to trap moisture quite a lot, though, so it might take a bit longer to dry than other onaholes - I like to use a paper towel to get the most of that moisture out.

by Lewd Snake November 4, 2016
Good quality for a cheap price

Despite the plain design, this product feels very good and if you squeeze the air out before insertion - will also have decent suction.

As for the feel, I rate it as "medium" intensity and "medium" tightness - excellent for long, relaxing sessions.

The material looks and feels durable even though it is soft and stretchy. No funky rubber smell. Easy to clean after use.

Highly recommended for newcomers or those looking for a good value onahole on a budget.

by Tiamo May 22, 2016
Very good product, price and service

As a beginner, the Onahole Review blog recommended me this product. Soft, stretchy material, really affordable and easy to clean afterwards. It has very nice box art to boot! Thank you very much for this great experience, may we cross paths again in the future.

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