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Kiteru Kiteru Maintenance Kit For Masturbators

by Kiteru Kiteru

The original List Price of the Kiteru Kiteru Maintenance Kit For Masturbators is: $15.84. With us, you save $2.16 (14%) on the original Manufacturers suggested Retail Price!

  • Maker: Kiteru Kiteru


This cleaning set contains a wipe stick, a cleaning spray and powder to apply on the onahole after cleaning and drying.

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6 Customer Reviews for Kiteru Kiteru Maintenance Kit For Masturbators

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by Long John Ding Dong June 19, 2019
awesome value

perfect set for cleaning your masturbators.

by Patrick May 3, 2019
I must have kit for beginners

The price is a little much but the product is great, cleaning my onaholes has become very relaxing and fun part of my masterbation rutine becasue of this set. Use a microfiber clothe with finger first to pat the inside then spray it with disinfectant and ruin the rod through it pat the outside and in the powder and let dry on my drying stand.

by NAVIN March 10, 2019
Good enough at some occasion

I basically nowdays just use my hands to clean the onaholes and try to shake out the excess water. I keep them in a dry area. Tips have few jars of rice grains placed around the storage area near your onaholes. It will help slowly draw out the moisture from your onaholes. Replace the rice in the jar every month.

As long u regularly use them u dont have to 100 percent clean the onahole completely dry. The only time you use kit like this if you are going for a long break and need to leave your onahole behind. Then, yes this kit can come in handy to clean your onaholes properly and dry them out to put them for long storage.

Under normal condition and regular use. Just patting the onahole and using a microfibre cloth trying to shake out the excess water and using the cloth insert your fingers into the onahole to remove excess water, plus storing it in a clean and dry area is good enough.

by TheRightChoice October 1, 2018
Slightly Overpriced, but Has Redeemable Features

This kit contains a cleaning stick, two microfiber clothes, a spray bottle, and a powder bottle.

The cleaning stick, two microfiber clothes, and spray bottle does it job well, but you can purchase it from your local supermarket in bulk at a much lower price.

One concern I had was that the powder bottle is unusable with the flimsy top. Luckily, you can take off the cap and use to powder your toys.

by Jiri September 20, 2018
Good bundle for all of your onaholes

The kit comes with a cute artwork, which can be used as a storage so it doesn´t gather too much dust. There are two microfiber cloths to go over the wooden stick which is very handy for drying the inside of your onaholes/getting the last drops of lotion or gunk outside you might have not reached with while cleaning it.

The spray and the "powder pot" are usefull and refillable, and when you run out, you can replace the supplied talc powder with starch which easily applies the same effect and the sanitizer with a mixture of one part vinegar one part water - it will have the same effect.

Tips for using the vinegar mixture: Wash your onahole, spray the insides with the mixture of water and vinegar, flush it again, then dry with the microfiber cloth on a stick.
Easy cleaning of the microfiber too, just toss it in a washing machine with your regular laundry, or toss it in a small pot with a bit of detergent and bring to boil in case you do not want to mix it with your laundry.

by Sunusuku November 4, 2017
Good stuff

I really like this kit, especially the cleaning stick. It makes it very helpful to get out the last gunk and making sure it's dry.
The cleaning spray ran out way faster than the powder, but maybe you're not supposed to spray 3-4 times on the cleaning stick. The powder will last for many, many months if you only have 1-2 onaholes.

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