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Hentai Onahole by YELOLAB
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Product Type: Hentai Onahole, Single Layer Onahole

Hentai onahole from Japan

Product Weight (without the package): approx. 282 Grams
Product Dimensions: approx. 145x60mm


2 Customer Reviews for KYUPO DROPS

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by Riva March 28, 2019
Basic beginner onahole

Special feature: none

1,50 ★ turn inside out

1,25 ★ little chunks of material come of and it became sticky after 10 uses

0,75 ★ some nubs and ribs, but very soft

0,25 ★ lubricant included

3,75 ★ | ★★★★☆

My opinion:
The onahole has an ergonomic Shape and the entrance is a slit with a hole. It came covered in white powder. After about 10 uses it became sticky. It also consumes lot of lubricant compared to other onaholes. The material is a bit too soft for my taste. The tunnel is pretty tight. It has some big ribs and ends in a nubbed chamber. After some washing the material does not smell. For cleaning purpose, the onahole can be turned inside out. Since the material is so soft tuning it inside out, will not damage the onahole.

My summary:
Basic beginner onahole.

My summing: ★★★☆☆

by LewdLam September 4, 2018
Party trick: it stands upright!

Nice and thick walled all around. Even the entrance is massive and thick compared to most holes for possible better longevity.

Maintains suction easy with little lube spilled. You can even put it standing upright for decoration, or most likely easier filling of lube from tricky containers, without any additional support!

Good moderate stimulation the entire length.
Relatively easy to clean considering all the folds.

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