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Lewd Narrow Onahole

by Tama Toys
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  • Available on otonaJP since: 2016 March 17
  • Product Weight (without the package): approx. 250 Grams
  • Product Dimensions: approx. 140x70x55mm

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Brand: Tama Toys
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User Reviews

3 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 1/11/2019

    Useless Goddess No More!

    Inside the box was the onahole and a bottle of lube. Since I live in America, the onahole rested too much on one side, curving it a bit. I didn't really mind as it doesn't change the experience. There were no factory odors and it wasn't oily, probably due to the fact it was in a powdery plastic bag. It's very nice and soft, and flexible enough to wrap around your "mini you" no matter how large (except it might break if you were way over its size limit). For using it the first time, I had used too much lube so I didn't feel much sensation as I wanted. It was very suction-y, and after use, I noticed that I had ripped the opening a bit, but that's probably because I was too rough with it. So if you have an average or above backboard, be sure to be gentle. The second time was better as I used less lube and felt the nice sensation it gives (It's hard to describe, use your imagination). My little trooper was able to hit the end, the onahole keeping the Kraken sealed. I hope I can say the same for the entrance (don't worry, it's an easy fix). All in all, I'm very happy with this product, a good starter for any beginner onahole enthusiast!

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  • | 1/3/2018

    Just wonderful

    CHU!'s review pretty much says if all, so just to add my piece... Of the 4 Onaholes i've had so far, this one is by far my favourite. Great feeling from this hole, the middle section in particular really did a number on my senses! Before I mention this last point I will say that I will be buying another one of these on my next order! After maybe 10-15 uses I did split this in half, from the entrance to about 2" down... once I saw it split I pulled out and cut it in half just at the end of the split, then finished up... like a professional. Its easier to clean now but not as enjoyable so I will be getting another as it's well worth the price for the pleasure gained.

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  • | 1/21/2017

    Blessing on this wonderful onahole!

    Obviously a parody item of Aqua from KonoSuba - this item has some great packaging and art which is similiar to the visual novel. Inside you get a small bottle of lube - enough for more than one dose and a nice surprise when most onaholes just have a single use sachet. The onahole itself is sealed and not sticky to the touch, no adverse smell. Entrance to onahole is not too loose but soft enough for penetration. I think the main attraction is meant to be these chambers on the sides. A nice amount of simulation nothing too crazy inside but a goof sensation. Cleaning was easy enough, notice some flaking on entrance but was nothing serious. Overall pretty good value for money and a fun parody onahole. Just pretend the lube is toad saliva lol.

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