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Magic Shake

by PPP
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Hard and intense male masturbator
Maker PPP

Hard and Clear. This is what the Magic Shake onahole is promising you and this is what you get. PPP has prepared this for all of you who like a tight and hard stimulation, letting only the strongest survive. The clear outside lets you see everything that is going on inside, very sexy. The outside is shaped like a cocktail shaker, a fun idea and unique look to it. The internal design is not only tight as mentioned but also has ribs all the way down to an even tighter vacuum chamber, surely sucking out the rest of you. If you like your onaholes tight and intense then there is no way past the Magic Shake.

The Magic Shake onahole by PPP features

  • tight male sex toy
  • clear material on the outside
  • shaped like a cocktail shaker
  • onahole weight about 260 Grams
  • onahole size approx. 145x70mm
  • comes with a small pack of sample lube

User Reviews

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  • | 11/30/2020

    Not worth it

    I bought just because I wanted a clear onahole, the idea "magic shake" also seemed cool to me haha. Another reason I bought it is because it is made by PPP which makes one of the best quality onaholes. Unfortunately it came slightly defected, I noticed it right away; the end tunnel was too close to the end. But with without hard-fucking and some care it actually survived more than a half year, which is fine. Still, lets talk about the feeling, the most important! Nah, I didnt really like it. At first time its fine and can cool because you can see your own dick but after few times I didnt want to continue fuck. The feeling isnt great and the fact that it is transparent, trust me, youre gonna forget it right away because youre not gonna look down there.

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  • | 5/25/2019

    Hard and clear

    Well this toy is exactly what is described. Mine came in perfect state, no visual problems. It has some smell, but it will go away after couple of uses. As for sensation - well, it is indeed very hard. It feels a bit different to other Onaholes, maybe its is because of transparent material. I won't use it all the time, other Onaholes feel much better(for example new new, chibiko sakura), but this one is good when you want to experience something different. And this is indeed cool, you can can see you d inside it very clear. You will use lube more than usual. Also it is very comfortable to hold it with one hand :) I wouldn't recommend it as first Onahole, but you should definitely get it into your collection to experience something different.

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